Health Benefits of Wine

HEALTH BENEFITS OF WINE Torti Pinot Noir – Resveratol Organically Cultivated

Torti Pinot Noir has a high percentage of “Resveratol” Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Ageing, Cardiovascular Properties Free Radicals Control – Rich In Resveratol.

This phenol is an “aromatic compound” contained in the grape skin and its effect is very important and acts as an “anti-radical, antioxidant, anti-ageing & anti-inflammatory”.

The discovery of Torti Pinot Noir in particular as having this high content of resveratrol was born from a test project on Italian grapes, aimed at identifying those with the highest resveratrol content, thus able to contrast free radicals’ ageing process.

Torti Pinot Noir behaves as an antioxidant, showing anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory features. Torti Pinot Noir is not only wine but also a synonym of healthy food. Many doctors recommend a glass of wine a day because it’s good for your health. Vitis vinifera grapes’ alcoholic fermentation result, skillfully processed and variously aged according to ancient traditions developed by modern Enology, is a unique cornerstone in the Mediterranean diet.




Amongst the precious phenolic antioxidants supplied by grapes, we find resveratrol, responsible for the so-called “French paradox”: People who drink red wine have a lower mortality rate from cardiovascular diseases despite their high saturated fats diet. Furthermore, wine is a real beauty elixir. A glass of our Pinot Noir will complete the combination with your food accurately chosen for your lunch, for your dinner, for a relaxing aperitif. The search for quality is the expression of the details that you will find in the genuineness and quality of our wines.

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  1. Sarah @ Best Acne Face Washes says:

    There are actually many red wine benefits your beauty. For example – wine facials which are gaining immense popularity. Red wine also fights acne and prevent further breakouts. Applying few drops of red wine will give you that natural rosy blush. You can use wine to make exfoliant. Finally, drinking red wine stimulates the development of new cells and the skins outer layers, it improves the hydration of the skin and makes it look.

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