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Benefits of Utilizing a Wooden Greenhouse for Vegetable Gardening

Benefits of Utilizing a Wooden Greenhouse for Vegetable Gardening              

If gardening is your forte, you will concur that managing vegetables in an ordinary backyard is no easy task. Luckily, this is bound to change if you embrace the technology encompassed in wooden greenhouses.

Handmade weather resistant greenhouses are making inroads in the UK, and if you use a recognized timber expert, you are in for a fascinating gardening experience.



Why would you invest in a wooden greenhouse when other options exist in the market? Here are some benefits:

  1. Hardy construction: These installations are not your ordinary wood structures. The material used is Scandinavian ThermoWood® This type of wood undergoes extreme heat treatment to remove excess moisture and resin thus enhancing its life.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: As compared to other greenhouse materials, wood is more affordable. The initial cost is lower than metal and maintenance of the specially treated wood from makes is less susceptible to warping and rotting. This translates to lower maintenance costs for your vegetable garden greenhouse.
  3. Free installation: One of the toughest parts of greenhouse gardening is setting up the entire structure. However, you now have experts who will deliver and set everything up at no extra cost. Indeed, all you need is to set up your garden and you are ready to enjoy your favourite pastime.
  4. Versatility in greenhouse design: Whatever your residential design, there are tens of styles to choose from. You can opt for lean-to wall structures, potting sheds, free-standing wide style, and T-shaped greenhouses, among other models.
  5. Enhanced functionality: Your greenhouse will come fitted with a PVC damp barrier installation, toughened safety glass, double doors with mortise locks, auto roof vents and other features to make the structure fully functional. With sufficient light coming into your shed, without the adverse effects of direct UV rays, your vegetables will never let you down.
  6. Aesthetic value: If you adore your landscape then you are in for a treat. Wooden greenhouses are an apt aesthetical addition to your compound. Timber structures are always easy to blend with the rest of the landscape and this installation will become a natural focal point for the whole yard.
  7. Quality guarantee: With 10 years warranty on installations, you are assured that this is a technologically superior structure. All the weak points of wood, including moisture and resin, are eliminated through heat treatment before the building is set up.
  8. Customization: If you have any customization requirements for your greenhouse, these wood experts will easily design and implement your unique needs in the installation. For instance, if you have unique exterior décor which you don’t want to ruin, you can have a greenhouse built to your specifications.
  9. Durability: Through standardized quality specifications, ThermoWood® timber offers extra stability. These standards include Office for Harmonization in The Internal Market (OHIM) and International ThermoWood Association. You will have peace of mind knowing that the products used in your greenhouse are not only environmentally friendly but also stable.

Whatever the size of space you need and the price you have in mind, there is a wooden greenhouse model for you from these experts. Just make a bold move, transform your landscape while enjoying your vegetable gardening in the process.

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