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Experience the Joy of Being an Eco-friendly Car Owner

Experience the Joy of Being an Eco-friendly Car Owner
If there is one topic that has refused to leave global debate, it has to be environmental conservation. The industrialization craze that has absorbed the world for the last 150 years is now catching up and the automobile industry has become a major culprit in this environmental degradation.

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Does it Matter to a Car Owner?
As a car owner you might think this does not affect you but you are wrong; from major climatic changes, devastating disasters and rising cost of fuel, these are just some of the negative impacts you suffer as an ordinary citizen.
To appreciate why eco-friendly cars are creating such a buzz in auto-mobile industry, consider the fact that conventional cars use fossil fuels as the main source of power. This is where problems start as highlighted here:
• Fossil fuels are non-renewable: This means the auto-mobile industry is hurtling towards a gridlock once this resource runs out. Just think of a day when the world will wake up to the news that there is no more gas; shocking, isn’t it?
• Green house emission: The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) cites fossil fuels as the main culprits in harmful greenhouse emissions, which in turn lead to devastating effects such as tsunamis, rising ocean levels and typhoons to mention a few.
• Environmental degradation: You definitely remember the BP oil spill which led to massive destruction of the ecosystem and the impact is still being felt. Crude oil extraction destroys the environment and the effects are non-reversible.
Eco-friendly Cars to the Rescue
Now that you appreciate the destructive nature of your conventional car, it is time to start thinking about eco-friendly certified pre-owned cars, which are readily available in dealerships. With evolving automotive technology, various green car engines have developed including:
• Electric powered
• Hybrid cars which help you to enjoy the best of both worlds
• Hydrogen engine car which is referred to as the quintessential green car
• Solar engine car

The Beauty of Green Cars
If you are like most sceptical car owners, you need to look at these benefits before making your choice:
• Immense fuel savings: You will bid goodbye to high fuel costs that are currently driving you over the wall. This is because these engines are more efficient translating into more energy savings.
• Lower insurance premiums: These cars are not prone to theft and accidents. Insurance companies thus offer lower insurance cost and with the economy still in the doldrums, who doesn’t want this?
• Tax incentives: The EPA and most states offer tax credits on these cars and you will not have to pay emission taxes if you are driving a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV).
• Contribution to a better environment:Do you always decry the state of the air quality while walking around? An eco-friendly car allows you to make your contribution in reversing the situation thus saving the planet.
You will face no limits to green car models you can buy – from the popular Toyota Prius, Lexus RX-450, Civic Hybrid, Tesla Model S, Renault Kangoo and many more. The joys of being a responsible car owner are just infinitesimal.
Jim Clarton is a car buff who has been fascinated by auto mobiles since the age of 8 years. He has worked in the automotive industry for 15 years. Currently he blogs on certified pre-owned cars and new emerging technologies in this sector.

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