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Fat Strippers: Are They Safe?

Fat Strippers: Are They Safe?


Fat Strippers (or fat burners) are supplements created to help increase the rate of fat loss of the user who consumes them. There are several kinds of fat strippers. The most common kind are the ones that provide energy, increase metabolism and suppress appetite. Going back a decade ephedrine was the king of fat burners. It was potent, increased the user’s metabolism, increased the rate of fat loss and also suppresses appetite. The compound was deemed unsafe and was later on banned by many countries including the US and UK. So the question is, are fat burners in 2015 safe?



The supplement industry is a tough industry to regulate. Companies are innovating and creating new never seen before compounds and releasing them on to the market without the need of FDA approval. It’s only after months of consumers using the product and incidents that the government realize the danger of the supplement and they then ban the main ingredient. This is a continuous circle and will always be the case. This means it’s important to educate yourself on what ingredients you are consuming and not fall into the trap of “If it’s on the shelf in 2015 it must be safe and tested”.


What Ingredients Work?



Most fat strippers will contain caffeine to increase energy, suppress appetite and accelerate fat loss. Caffeine is safe in the recommended dosages and highly effective.


Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract also has some evidence showing it helps increase metabolism and suppresses appetite. Another great addition to a fat stripper.



CLA has been shown in studies to preserve lean body mass while at the same time reducing body fat. This compound essentially improves your body compositing giving you a leaner yet more muscular physique. 2-6g of CLA is needed daily so make sure to check this out on the labels of the fat strippers. CLA has also been shown to help reduce fat that is being stored. This can vastly help your fat loss efforts as it stops further fat being stored. The problem is, many people lose fat too quickly and then lose muscle too. Preserving muscle will also help keep your metabolism higher as muscle is far more demanding that fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat so removing fat and increasing muscle can rapidly help you reach your new lean physique.



This ingredients helps you feel fuller (in a good way) for longer. By making you feel comfortably full this stops binging, can limit your portion sizes and overall bring down the amount of calories you consume considerably. This has a profound effect on long term fat loss. A study showed that people who took 1g one hour prior to their meals lost roughly 5 pounds over 8 weeks. Making sure you stay on track and not binging is key to fat loss success. There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re suffering every day from dieting! You need to live your life and feel great while doing so.



There are 100s of ingredients that can help you achieve your goals. If you enjoyed this article make sure you comment below. We will be looking to cover fat strippers more over the next few months so that you can make the safest and best decision possible.

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