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The Fine Line Between Homeopathy and Prescription Medicines

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Homeopathy vs Prescription – alternatively natural medicine vs synthetic medicine – is a debate that remains strewn across health forums all over the internet. Questions continue to be asked about the need for prescription drugs when many believe there are perfectly suitable natural remedies we can rely on. Is there a fine line we tread when choosing between the two? Let Pharmacy Requirements help determine which is best for us?

Supporters of homeopathy believe strongly in the notion that natural remedies are what our successful ancestors have relied upon for millions of years. A living organism is capable of repair and regeneration – capabilities which can be enhanced with the help of natural ingredients we find in our natural habitats.

There is a typically strong belief by supporters of homeopathy that prescription medicines are heavily responsible for chemical dependencies and addictions, both of which come about as a result of high-doses. Some arguments also refer to recreational drug us as an example of the human body becoming dependant on chemical ingredients.

Finally, homeopathic medicine supporters draw on historical evidence that suggests we prioritise and mass-produce the most effective natural compounds synthetically. This can be a stumbling block as we invest heavily in medicine that may be healthy today but not so healthy in years to come.

So, what can be said for prescription medicines? The truth is quite a lot, despite what its opposition may say. What makes it so difficult to choose between the two approaches to medicine brings them closer together. Here’s what prescription medication gives us:

Unlike many natural remedies, prescription medication is always licensed and states the ingredients used to create it. Many natural remedies either do not state the ingredients used or leave out potential side effects caused as a result of taking the medication.

High cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer are just some of the serious health conditions we can now combat with prescription drugs. As a result, healthcare is improving, survival rates are increasing and people are living longer. Statistics suggest that, without prescription drugs, there would be a lower quality of life and an increase in fatalities as a result of serious diseases.

The fine line between both homeopathy and prescription medicines revolves around their risks; as both can prove problematic to a patient. Due to dangerous, often illegal substances found in natural remedies, they should never be taken with prescription drugs. They also prove to be of little significance when attempting to cure short-term ailments.

On the other hand, there is a clear connection between prescription drug misuse and addiction or dependency. With that in mind, it’s important to approach both forms of treatment in the same way; always carry out thorough research and trust the opinions of an expert.

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