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Physical Degeneration & Combating Disease

Dr. E. Juwali, ND
Not long ago, I was contacted by a historian writing a thesis named R. F. Knight.
Not only did reading this thesis change my view on history and our place in it,
but I found myself wanting more, after a few more years of research on my part,
it seems evident beyond the shadow of any doubt that poor quality foods, such as the consumption of grains
Has led to societal collapse time and time again.

Physical Degeneration & Combating Disease

The first sentence out of my patients mouths is ‘how can bread really lead to the downfall of an entire culture?’.
I always encourage them to pick up a copy of the cusco theory as I cannot explain in such vivid detail or provide such masterful sentence crafting to explain any more throughly that the consumption of the wrong type of food will have catastrophic results on your body. The sad reality is that 65% of people think food comes in a box or bag, this is simply not the case.

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