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There’s no hiding the fact that 80% of all Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Statistics have shown that roughly 1-in-4 people will visit their Doctor this year with some form of back pain – the most common of which being lower back pain.
Unfortunately, back pain is also one of the most expensive problems to diagnose and resolve – mostly because there is a limited amount of technology to detect what the problem is, and what may be causing the problem. In the majority of cases, the pain is temporary and disappears after four-weeks. Any pain lasting longer than four-weeks would then be considered long-term back pain, and would be investigated by Doctor’s for an underlying cause.
With so many people suffering from temporary back pain, it’s no wonder that inversion tables have started to become more widely marketed across the States. In short, an inversion table is a device which you use to hang upside down. By hanging upside down for between 5 and 15 minutes per day, you’re able to relieve all of the tension and stress that has built up inside your spinal column. The process of inverting also provides much needed rejuvenation to the whole spinal column – which is often more than enough to cure any bout of temporary back pain.
Common back conditions, such as sciatica, are also effectively targeted through inversion therapy.

Inversion Table therapy

The idea behind inversion therapy stems from research that shows that gravities effect on our body actually has negative consequences. Because we are constantly being pulled down towards the center of the Earth, our spines are constantly battling it out with Mother Nature. The Earth wants to pull us down, while our spine wants to keep us standing upright.
This tug-of-war often results in sprains and disc fractures as the spinal discs wear out and need to be repaired by the human body. Unfortunately, this is complicated by the fact that nothing stops gravity – and gravity continues to pull our bodies and our spines downwards. This complicates the repair process, and is often what causes temporary back pain to last for up to 4-weeks, while most sprains are repaired in a matter of days.
According to Richard Wilcox, the lead author behind Inversion Table Expert, inversion therapy is one of the only all-natural therapies designed to provide you with an upper hand in the tug-of-war game being played out all the time.
“By hanging upside down for 10-minutes a day, you are giving your spine chance to recover and rejuvenate itself. Blood flow is improved, and the spine finally gets chance to repair any damage that has been caused. Even when you are lying down, your spine is facing the effects of gravity. The only way to give your spine relief is to hang upside down – and put temporary stress onto your lower body,” said Richard.
Richard Wilcox has now also published his own blog dedicated to inversion therapy, and the positive effects an inversion table can have on a person suffering from back pain – both permanent and temporary. He has also published a set of exercises that are great for building core strength and losing weight.
To learn more about Richard Wilcox’s website, and to learn more about inversion therapy, head over to his website at:

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