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Personalized Medicine and the Aging Process

Personalized Medicine and the Aging Process

One of the latest additions to medicine is personalized prevention medicine which is defined as a system of healthcare in which a patient is treated according to their individual needs. These individual needs are based on extensive diagnostic, blood, and genetic tests, and this system has been particularly helpful in patients with diabetes, obesity, cancer, and other genetically-linked chronic illnesses. Recent research in the area of personalized medicine has revealed that it can also help to slow the aging process.

personalized medicine
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Literally everything about a person’s physical makeup is based on their genetics, from the way their hair grows on different parts of their bodies to the color of their skin. There have even been studies that have found genetic links to certain personality traits and patterns of behavior. Genetics also determine how the body functions, which is why personalized medicine is so helpful in the treating of patients with various conditions like diabetes that affect the way the body uses sugars. These personalized genome tests can also tell doctors how a person’s skin works.

Studies that have been conducted recently have proven that there is a connection between a person’s genetics and the way their body responds to certain drugs and chemicals. When talking specifically about the skin, personalized medicine can reveal a person’s risk for developing melanoma and other skin cancers, and their likeliness to have other skin conditions such as acne, dryness, eczema, wrinkles, or premature aging.

Anti-ageing medicine has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent years, and is utilizing personalized medicine as a way to develop new products that have chemicals in them that work with the genes that specifically affect the way people age. Because of all these advances in anti-aging medicine, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams are much more effective now than ever before. Many doctors recommend their patients utilize personalized medicine so they can know what medication will work best with that individual, rather than finding out by trial and error.

If you’ve been struggling to find an anti-ageing medicine that works for you or are just looking into starting to fight the effects of aging on your skin, you may want to look into personalized medicine and getting examined at the genetic level so your dermatologist can recommend or prescribe the medication that is exactly right for you. Plus, you never know what else you may be able to learn about yourself and your health along the way.

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