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I want to get things done, without wasting any time? Sounds quite demanding, doesn’t it? It is such a simple goal, but I am still working on it.
One of the main reasons, that I don’t get as much done as I want to is because I do more than one thing at the time.
I know the rules, that “you can only do one thing at the time”, but I like to avoid that rule.
In the kitchen, around the house, reading books even, cooking , no matter what I do I like to do a few things at the same time.pomodoro productivity tips

If I don’t multi task I don’t think I am doing enough and this is one of my insecurities..Am I doing enough?
A lot of people say, that women should multi task and that we are better at it.

There is a fine line between doing it and getting done and I tend to realize, that if I want it done I have to do only one thing at the time. If I want this blog post finished, edited and published my next step is to completely focus on it and avoid looking at my phone, turn Brendon Burchard  video on the background…stop thinking what I am cooking tomorrow and what the kids are doing. Just write, write, write.

It does seems simple, but is it?

In today’s task Amanda is suggesting a great technique, that she has been using for some time. The idea is to set a timer and do one thing for 25 minutes. No distractions. 
25 minutes.That’s it. No more no less.
From today for 1 month I will be doing blocks of focused work. I will write a blog post in silence, will post marketing content in silence, will listen to 25 minutes of educational content and will not be looking at my phone while doing it………………………………………..
I will be setting blocks of activity of 25 minutes and will be getting things done, starting now. I am so tempted to look at my phone and check my messages, but I will do it in 12 minutes, as I have been writing for 13 minutes.

pomodoro technique

The idea behind 25 minutes blocks is the Pomodoro technique. There is a Book and an App with the same name. As the App is not compatible with my phone yet, I will stick with the book and I am hoping that I will increase my productivity and will be getting things done, without wasting any time while doing it.


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