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“Multiple Sclerosis-One Victim’s Story” by Vincent Stephens Jr.

One of the biggest blunders of modern medicine is how it deals with chronic illnesses.It is no different when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis, which is another disease with unknown cause, cure or treatment.No matter what is your opinion on the matter you can find enough evidence to support it but that means nothing for those who have suffered from it and for those who continue to feel the common and not so common symptoms of it.

Vincent Stephens Jr.

Meet Vincent Stephens- a man who managed to leave the wheelchair, the tremors, the double vision and a whole other list of discomforts behind. He found a way to control his Multiple Sclerosis and now he is sharing his story with the world.

From volunteering to take every possible drug that “MIGHT” help to pouring all of the pills down the toilet, Vincent has truly been through some incredible trials and tribulations. He knew that the drugs were making him worse. The medical establishments still doesn’t have a cure or any form of strategy that is actually designed to help people get better. It is mainly focused on giving the patients every possible and “approved” medication or treatment with no clear understanding of the illness.

Nothing is easy. But that is OK. You can handle it 

Can you picture this scenario-young, talented, driven person and out of a sudden you are diagnosed with one of the most uncontrollable illnesses by the medical establishment. Vincent might have seemed like your boy next door with his music and love for cars, but deep down he has everything that he needed to “control” Multiple Sclerosis and take his health in his own hands.

It is critical to know that your body can be healthy again by given the appropriate care and nutrients with the right attitude.
Reading Vincent’s book has made me realize how much power we are programed to give away to strangers. We give away the one thing that is our birthright -the ability to control our health and ultimately our body. Reading Vincent’s book has make me understand how much more goes on in person’s life when they have a illness that is under researched. The medical professionals  provide the patients with information and treatments, that bring more pain and in many cases make matters worst.

Before I continue any further I want to mention that neither Vincent Stephens Jr nor I are medical professionals and the information provided in this article  is for educational purposes only and I highly recommend you to follow your own research and intuition in any action that you take regarding your wellbeing

Vincent in my eyes is a person who has taken the time to know his body so well. No matter what his doctors, friends and family said, he took the time and the energy to go through the pain of change and get on the other side.

I admire the determination and  attitude that makes me believe that almost everything is victim's story vincent stephens jr

In his book“Multiple Sclerosis-One Victim’s Story” Vincent tells you his story like it is. I was able to feel his pain and despair, but I was also able to feel his hunger to become healthy again. Things like discomfort, social inadequacy, resentment and anger are very normal if you are ill. Vincent’s attitude despite all of them shows results that are admirable and possible.

I would recommend Vincent’s book to anyone, whether you have so called autoimmune disease or not.The information regarding the stages of the illness, how it affects you, your loved ones, how the medical professionals treat you is very valuable and in my opinion there is so much more to be done regarding helping people to be healthy.

Controlling multiple sclerosis is a journey that one has to decide to take and with Vincent’s helpful information the book is an excellent read that also offers a practical advice.

In conclusion I would add that Vincent in my eyes is anything but a victim. His attitude, perseverance and determination inspires me. I am honored to have the opportunity to share his story with you.

Please feel free to visit his website and read further or follow his updates on Facebook.

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