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Non-hormonal Supplement MenoEase360: Benefits for Menopausal Symptoms


In the pharmaceutical market has appeared a brand new preparation that is invented to combat and stop the symptoms of menopause. Its name is MenoEase360. This is a natural product that normalizes the hormonal background of the female body. It contains active substances that meet the needs of the menopausal woman. MenoEase360 is a highly active supplement in which action is aimed at normalizing the hormonal background of a woman in the climacteric. This natural and vegan preparation compares favourably with the absence of side effects characteristic of synthetic estrogens.

What Does MenoEase360 Supplement Do?

The complex effect of the drug provides the prevention of osteoporosis associated with menopause and the rejuvenation of the female body. Modern studies show that in the main MenoEase360 ingredients found a high content of substances that can be combined into one name – phytoestrogens, these are substances that have the effects of natural female sex hormones (estrogens).


It is estrogen deficiency that is the cause of hot flashes, sudden heart palpitations, and other unpleasant “climax” companions. Acting like a woman’s estrogen, MenoEase360 prevents the development of menopausal symptoms, which significantly worsen a patient’s quality of life. But, this is far from all the “virtues” of this wonderful preparation.


Ashwagandha, which is well known because of its calming properties on the body, is an additional component in the composition of MenoEase360. It helps a woman to get rid of nervous strain and forget about excessive irritability.

Recent studies confirm that the main ingredients of MenoEase360 have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system, and also significantly reduces blood sugar levels, thereby preventing the development of diabetes.

Side Effects of MenoEase360

One of the main advantages of MenoEase360 is that after using it, side effects practically do not occur. And there is a reasonable explanation for this -it’s because the medication is completely natural. It does not contain harmful components, only gifts of nature (Phlomis umbrosa, Cynanchum wilfordii, and Angelica Gigas Nakai).


Despite this, every woman who is about to start MenoEase360 therapy needs to consult with her doctor in order to avoid health risks. Because despite the safe and eco-friendly composition, a woman can be already taking medications that are poorly compatible with MenoEase360 and this will lead to trouble. This is why, in order to avoid such unpleasant situations, a woman should be responsible and attentive.

MenoEase360 Reviews

According to an independent survey, 80% of respondents claimed MenoEase360 made life easier for them. Women noted the frequency and intensity of hot flashes decreased, their sleep improved, and there was a positive dynamics in the issue of vaginal dryness. Some respondents claimed that it was after MenoEase360 therapy that they were again able to feel that sex could be enjoyable. An important factor is a fact that the supplement begins to act on the 8th day from the moment you start using it, which means, you are guaranteed a quick result. Mostly, all MenoEase360 reviews are positive.


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