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What are the reasons for Dandruff?

What are the reasons for Dandruff?
Dandruff is also known as scurf or Pityriasis. It is a flaky substance which appears on then scalp and hair. This is a very annoying problem which both men and women may have to suffer at one point of time or the other. The reasons for dandruff are many, some of the more common reasons are explained below.

1. If you use hair straighteners daily for straightening your hair then you are more likely to develop this problem. Because hair straightening on regular basis will make your hair extremely dry due to heat produced by even best hair straighteners.

2. If your hair and you are highly sensitive to yeast then you have higher risk of catching dandruff.

3. If you do not like to use comb regularly then it is very likely that dandruff will occur in your hair.

4. Dandruff may also occur due to conditions of skin. People with dry skin usually suffer from dandruff more than other people. They tend to have dry flakes in the scalp.

5  The people who are not using shampoo on regular basis are also likely to have dandruff because shampooing on frequent basis makes your hair clean and the one which is really helpful in preventing and curing the dandruff problem for both men and women is the best shampoo for dandruff.

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6.  Doctors even say that improper diet may also result in dandruff problem. Certain foods which are not having sufficient quantity of zinc and some vitamins will cause dandruff

7.  Reactions from some of the skin care products used on daily basis may also cause dandruff.

So, the above reasons are very common for causing dandruff. It is very easy to identify the dandruff as the white flakes in your scalp indicate the onset of dandruff. You may need to see a doctor if the cause is due to some medical conditions. The dandruff may be temporary sometimes due to unclean hair. This will go once you clean your hair properly.

Therefore using dandruff shampoo on regular basis will cure the problem and you will surely get a lot of relief from such a problem. There are many best dandruff shampoos available on the market which you can consider buying. But you need to see the ingredients of the shampoos to know which one will be more beneficial for dandruff problems as more and more shampoos have sulphates which are very dangerous to your hair. So, be careful in selection of dandruff shampoo is very important as that will decide the effectiveness of your shampoo for your hair.
It is all about using common sense when it comes to using hair styling tools and products. Just a small bit of knowledge can protect you from many problems. Before trying out any new tool or product just go through some of the information about such products and then decide whether you should really use that. If you are really in need to use that product then try to go for the best in the category.

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