what others think of you
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How to stop worrying what people think about you

It’s getting very close to bed time and this is when I am challenged to think up a blog post, that I am really passionate about, so I won’t fall asleep, while writing it. 🙂 

One of my biggest challenges is what people think of me. This is not about   my close friends and family (the relationships there have different challenges). I worry in case I give a wrong impression about what I mean, if I offend someone or being too honest I cause them discomfort or trigger tension. 

The bottom line is that sometimes I think too much about myself. I read not so long ago that on average people think 50 000 thoughts a day, so even if they have spent a moment thinking about me it’s only a drop in the ocean. 

what others think of you

I am getting better at being more self expressive and writing daily is helping me to get over myself and stop that judgemental voice in my head of what if such and such person reads what I have written. So what? If I am watching a movie or reading an article I don’t like, I simply switch it off and go to look at something else.

I sometimes feel a fear of being not liked. So what? Why does that matter so much? I keep asking myself.

What is it with you , can you just stop worrying about what others think?  I like to please people because I like the attention of appreciation and gratitude. That includes pleasing myself. It’s an addictive emotion. Doing things for others, that they like and get the credit for it is pure magic. It motivates you to do more. It’s the daily practice of giving of yourself in some form and being driven by it. 

I find it almost impossible to stop worrying what others think of me.May be is a phase,may be I am too afraid to be criticized, but I know for a fact, that praise and criticism go hand in hand.

Every time I have done something I have found myself receiving both. The trick is to not take any of it personally.

Whether people like you or not it is nothing to do with you. I know how easy it is to feel frustrated because certain action you took didn’t please or suit someone,  but it worked perfectly well for you.You are the only person, that will have to live with it. Be yourself and don’t take things personally. 

As I am writing these words to you, I am hoping, that I am helping myself to be more brave and take more action towards my goals. Motivation comes from taking action and getting paid for it. I love writing things and feel the fire in my belly. Before dinner I started an article about how to get omega 3 oils if you don’t eat fishes or other sea animals, but it is still in my draft section. 

Simply put the only way to stop worrying what people think about you is to STOP it. 

Be well, be wild and enjoy the ride! 

Thank you for being here and reading my posts. I love  and appreciate you.


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