How to create a sticky content for your blog

Tips for creating content for your blog by Paul Jobs

Content marketing has become especially popular these days. Potential customers use search engines to find what they need and providing them with relevant information may be just the thing to help you replace “potential” with “loyal”. That is why it is important to know certain secrets that may help you succeed in custom content creation.
#1 Voice of the brand
Content strategy is more important than you may think. More than 3/4 of consumers believe that branded content is extremely useful while looking for information about services or products online. It is important that your content creator keeps the website updated and publishes significant and fresh material. You should focus on your company’s main ideas and priorities and always keep your website up-to-date.
#2 Time is of the essence
In this day and age you can not afford to waste time. The more time you waste the more opportunities you give to your competitors. Making brand decisions should not be haste, but it is also impossible to take your time to slowly analyze all consumer opinions and stay successful. What you need to do is apply the insights of the consumers practically. Moreover, you need to keep up with new formats and avoid the ones that may have worked decades ago. Finding which advertising strategy is most appealing to the consumer is something you should certainly make time for.

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Create good content and keep it safe

#3 Originality
With the immense amount of data surrounding us, it might be quite difficult to stand out and be original. However, that is exactly what you need to do. Do not use cliches and corporate speak and focus more on educating your customer. Tell compelling stories, pay attention to the most important points and do not be boring.
#4 Customer is always right
In order to provide consumers with information that they seek, first and foremost, you need to know what that information is. It is imperative to know what are the most frequent questions asked by your customers, what are their needs and what do they search for. This is where metrics and analytics come in. Use various tactics to find out exactly what it is that your customers need.
#5 Safety first
Safety is not expensive, it is priceless. Your website must be secure otherwise there is little point in even having one. To keep your webpage safe you should always keep it updated. It is also better to use a unique username. File and folder permissions should be set to 644 and 755 respectively. Moreover, you should always use trusted sources for themes and plugins. You can easily check if your theme or website is safe by using the threats database provided by Infected themes and plugins can affect your site’s performance or even steal private data. Connecting to the server securely as well as regularly backing up your site is also something you should take into account. Keeping your website secure for your costumers is your responsibility and you should take all precautions necessary to do just that.

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