How to be a healthy vegan,What do vegans eat?

How going vegan can help you lose weight and transform your body?

Meet Sam Chang. He used to be addicted to eating chicken meat and lots of sugary food as well. Then after trying and failing a calorie restricted diet he decided to go vegan , lose weight and transform his body. 

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Going vegan can mean a lot of things and can be a little overwhelming at times.There are countless way to get fanatic about going vegan, but in it’s core vegan lifestyle is very simple.

Sam has done the hard work for you and has a very simple 3 rule formula.To get results with high carb/low fat vegan diet you have to follow 3 very simple rules daily. 

1.Set a minimum caloric intake that you must take daily

2.Set a limit on your daily fat intake 

3.Set a limit on your daily protein intake.

Like most passionate people Sam is using himself as an example on how to succeed on the highcarb/low fat diet and you can get a detailed vegan results  guide on his website, where he is continually adding new information and resources. 

Once you decide to commit to a low-fat vegan diet you will start seeing the results very quickly. 

An average human body requires between 50 -70 gr of protein a day, but powerful and well paid advertising have worked tirelessly to make a lot of people believe, that protein 9esspecially animal based protein ) is what you need to be healthy.  What your body needs are amino-acids, which are the building blocks of protein and they provide pure plant power, sustain your body and nourish your cells. 

If your body is given animal based protein it has to work extra hard and overwork the liver and the digestive system in order to turn the protein back to amino-acids , which you can get from plants in their pure form.


how to be a healthy vegan

Most humans only requite about 10grams of fat a day and any express of fat intake gets stored in the body.It is vital to consume flax seeds, walnuts and raw nuts, but only a few a day. Do your best to stay away from any processed foods, fried foods or spreads.Those kind of products have no nutritional value and can be very toxic as well.

The easiest way to simplify the low fat/high carb vegan diet and get results from it is to stick with whole foods, that are mostly raw or lightly cooked.Drink lots of water and exercise .The most powerful thing about this kind of eating is that you not just helping yourself and making yourself feel better and look good, but also you are saving many animals and you are protecting the environment, simply because eating animal products takes a lot more energy and water resources. 

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