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Unexpected ways to use toothpaste in cleaning

Unexpected ways to use toothpaste in cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, one of the most important things is to have reliable and effective products. The shops certainly have a lot to offer, but there is also another problem. The majority of the cleaning supplies which are offered on the market are filled with different kinds of chemicals that could cause serious health complications. There is, however, another way to guarantee the good looks of your property. Using eco-friendly and other safe products will be not only cheaper, but also more effective. The truth is that you can use even toothpaste for the disinfection of certain objects and parts of your home.

This may sound strange to you now, but just wait until you see the excellent results of the cleaning with this product. The brand of the toothpaste is not important, so you can use any kind you like. This means also that you will be able to clean effectively parts and objects of your place without even spending a lot of money for expensive products. Below TopDomesticCleaners SE18 will present to you some useful tips and interesting ideas on how best to use toothpaste for the cleaning of your place.

• Cleaning the iron – Your iron will be sparkling clean, if you simply apply a little of the toothpaste on its surface. This product is great for the removing of mineral deposits and old spots. You can clean your iron once every few months or as many time as you find necessary. You can use an old toothbrush to apply the product on your iron and when you are done scrubbing you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth or towel.

• Removing dirt from your fingernails – After cleaning the weed in the garden or doing some other work around the house it can be really hard to remove the dirt from your fingernails. By using a toothbrush again you can scrub under your nails until they become perfectly clean. You can apply some of the product on the whole nails and leave it there for a few minutes, in case you have yellow fingernails.

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• Disinfection of the bathroom sink – You can free your bathroom sink from the unpleasant stains and grime, using nothing more but a little toothpaste. Instead of toothbrush, however, this time is best to use a larger brush that will allow you to clean the surface of the sink faster. If you like, you can use a toothbrush while scrubbing the edges and the holes of the sink.

• Cleaning crayons from the walls – One thing that all kids love is to draw with crayons on nice clean walls. While this is fun for them, for the parents the cleaning of the crayon is a real nightmare. There is a simple solution, however, and it involves an ordinary toothpaste. You can put a little of the product on damp cloth and then you can start cleaning the wall by doing circular motions. Repeat the motions until the crayon marks disappear completely. Start with a small area, so that you can be sure that the paint is not affected by the product after all.

There are many cleaning tasks, for which you can rely just on toothpaste. This may seem like an ordinary product, but it can be extremely effective when it comes to the removing of unpleasant pollution in the form of stains, dark spots and others. Except for the previously mentioned things, you can use toothpaste also for the thorough cleaning of the refrigerator seals, for the disinfection of the plastic furniture in your back yard, for the permanent removing of old scratches from your leather sofa and for many other things. Don’t hesitate to make the toothpaste part of your cleaning supplies.

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