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Variety is the spice of Life

How would you feel if every day of your life from now on you had to have the same breakfast, the same lunch and the same dinner. On the top of that ware the same colour clothes and shoes ?

I do not need to continue, because just the thought or repeating something bores me. Life is full of colour and variety. You are so unique and different than anyone else .You look different, you feel different and even if me and you watch the same movie, we would represented it to somebody else from our different point of you.

There is  a  certain comfort in some rituals that people do to feel good and relaxed, but when it comes to food the sky is the Limit. Today I got inspired by my friends at the Beach House Kitchen and made   my version of their Beetroot and Apple Raita. I did not put any yogurt ,simply because I stay away from soy products. Soy products is a subject for me to explore, but for now I would like to share with you my easy vegan recipe of beetroot, apple and cucumber salad. Although the original is raita, as is using yogurt to hold the ingredients together I stick with olive oil and balsamic .


Here is what you need
1 chopped apple
2-3 cooked beetroots-chopped
1/2 chopped cucumber
some mint
1/2 spoon of cumin
1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar
little olive oil






Just mix the ingredients together. Enjoy!
The original recipe is made with yogurt as a compliment to a spicy dall, but as a snack is very yummy on its own.
Normally I wouldn’t mix apple and beetroot, but this combination tastes great. Variety is the spice of life .
Sending Blessings and Love
P.S This is day 70 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 160 days left of 2012.

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