Vegan Pregnancy Diary Week 12

Hello, beautiful mamas

it’s week 12! Hooray! For most mamas the 12-th weeks mark the day when you can freely let everyone know, that you are expecting. One of the main reasons is that you are very likely to show, but you might not.

vegan pregnancy diary

I am showing too well these few days, my tum is expanding and it wobbles when I walk too fast. It is those weeks that I look like I have been eating too much, but the reality is that I am caring this little baby. I used to have  a lot more weight on the last time when I got pregnant and according to a few articles,  I read on line,  my body is just shaping and getting ready.

I also know that the main reason for a healthy weight gain around your waist and thighs is for the production of breast milk. So never worry all this stored fat is very likely to be happily redused by your lovely baby.

The main thing this week is that I don’t feel as sick any more. I only had a few short phases of sickness, which I fixed with eating a cucumber and the other one with a few fresh strawberries. I find eating fresh cool fruits or vegetables one of the best remedies for nausea, but it doesn’t  always work.

So also this week my tum is getting bigger by the hour. I have been thinking about writing a one week food diary, but still haven’t done it. Well now I am starting to feel a bit better I will get on with it.

What else? This week I felt breathless a few times. I could be not breathing properly or have been spending too much time sitting about. The other day when my boys and my man wanted me to go with them to play tennis I simply brought my sun lounger and my Kindle. It was so nice and I will be doing it again and again over the coming summer months.

There are only two weeks left of the school run, so I am looking forward to that chill out atmosphere in the house. In fact it is already here as my boys have hardly any homework and it’s all relaxed.the long bright days and beautiful bright evenings have me filled with energy and I find myself staying up late a lot, but wait till October comes and I am in bed at 8 o’clock.

I love it this way. Now in my head I am constantly making plans about changing and rearranging the rooms, shopping list have been written and rewritten, but haven’t done anything yet. I like to wait till later in the pregnancy. It is all exciting.

My mum got me such a nice maternity leggings I have been wearing them all the time. I will be writing a blog post dedicated to maternity wear so I will share some photos of my clothes.

So this is from me this week.

Keep well and take care of your beautiful body.

Lots of Love,



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