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What Is The Paleo Diet and Why Has It Become So Popular in Our Life

What Is The Paleo Diet and Why Has It Become So Popular in Our Life


As of the April 2015 toll of CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), the top ranking cause of death in the United States alone is due to heart disease. Now I thought we’re talking about Paleo? Yes, we are talking about Paleo because it is time that your lifestyle needs a major shift so that you will not be an addition to the 39 million Americans, combined noninstitutionalized patients and patients who visited physician offices that are diagnosed with heart disease.

What is the cause of heart disease? There are a number of reasons that causes this disorder. Apart from it being an inborn malady; smoking; and lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet greatly affects your heart mortality rate. Food that increases the risk of heart disease includes processed food. Processed foods are overloaded with highly processed flour and sugar and omega-6 vegetable oils like corn, soybean and sunflower. Since the human body was not designed, nor can it process, to consume food packed with sugars and soaked in omega-6 oils, yet we continuously eat this type of food on a daily basis, we ourselves are slowly poisoning our body.
Important Note: Unhealthy Diet causes heart disease

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Paleo as a “diet” is only a form of reference – Paleo is more of a lifestyle. Paleo is all about going back to basics – eating food that could only be found within the Stone Age era which is also popularly known as the Paleolithic era. Now it makes sense why Paleo came to be Paleo.
Eating Paleo means eating food that come from natural sources and not that was saturated with chemicals and genetically reformed ingredients. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy protein like fish, eggs, and organic meat is just some of the many components in a Paleo-way prepared food. There are a lot of paleo grubs you can obtain from a paleo grubs book or a paleo grubs website without having to spend too much on your resource.
Important note: A healthy diet and lifestyle reduces health risks – the Paleo way
We all know how much we crave for sodas, junk food, and oh that burger from your favourite fast food restaurant but it is tantamount to craving for a shorter lifespan. Apart from heart disease, there are a lot of health benefits you can get from the many variations of Paleo grubs. Since the intake of starchy carbohydrates and refined sugars is prevented from Paleo, there’s a high chance of preventing diabetes. Acid reflux sufferers who are in pursuit of non-pharmaceutical treatment reported success of overcoming their problem. Blood pressure natural reduction is another advantage of Paleo. Since you’ll be consuming vegetables and fruits, the fiber in your body will increase. The increase of fibre aids to lower blood pressure. It is advisable though that you always consult your doctor about your blood pressure and follow their recommendations.
Important note: Paleo doesn’t only alleviate heart disease but a lot more
You need not wait until you reach 40 or 50 to correct your lifestyle. You can save yourself from hospital visits as early as now. Going the Paleo way saves you even more money than you can ever think of spending a great deal when you pay a visit to your doctors in the future.


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