Why Reverse Osmosis Is The Only Way To Go

Why Reverse Osmosis Is The Only Way To Go

Clean water is an indispensable and essential part of optimal human health. Our country’s treatment plants do their best to remove sediment and other harsh chemicals that can result in the spread of disease. However, many of the ways of treating water for human consumption involve adding other, potentially dangerous, chemicals. Typical tap water in a home contains traces of chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones. All of these chemicals and compounds have been shown to have ill effects on human health. Even if some treatment plants have cleaner water supplies, water is being pumped through pipes that may be very old, corrosive, and exposed.

To avoid this, conscious homeowners typically either buy bottled water or filter their water via various methods. Those who buy bottled water may think that it has significant advantages over tap water, but this is not generally the case. The National Research Defense Council did a 4 year study of the bottled water industry and the safety standards that govern it. They concluded there is no assurance that water that comes out of a bottle makes it any cleaner or safer than water from the tap. This information is very surprising to many. It would make sense that if you’re buying water from the store and lugging it from the store to your home, that it would be cleaner than the water coming out of your faucet! However, this is not so.reverse osmosis

Some people are aware of the fact that they can’t trust bottled water, so they purchase modes of filtration such as the well-known Brita filter. These types of filters are only able to remove large particles and small amounts of chemicals, such as chlorine, leaving an array of other chemicals remaining in the water. Furthermore, these filters are not certified to remove heavy metals, such as lead. Heavy metals have been shown to have the potential to lead to nervous system problems and autoimmune disorders. Other types of filters used are the ones that attach to the faucet directly. These types of filters are an improvement over Brita filters, but they only purify 10-20% of water.

The gold standard for purification of water is the Reverse Osmosis system. The Reverse Osmosis system uses high pressure to remove all of the chemicals that are found to be harmful to health. It removes heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, which few other purification systems remove. It is the only system that has been shown to remove all of the chemicals and leave only pure H2O.

It is important to get a Reverse Osmosis system that will be maintained by a knowledgeable company. A person with the necessary basic skills can install a Reverse Osmosis system, but an entirely different set of skills are needed to preserve the system. Alamo Water Softeners of San Antonio, Texas do just that. They offer warranties, guarantees, maintenance, and competitive prices. If you’re in search for a Reverse Osmosis system, Alamo Water Softeners is the premier option. By purchasing a Reverse Osmosis System, you’re family’s health, along with your own health, will be put on an optimal path.

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