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Getting through the storms in life is what makes you stronger

As the world is watching hurricane Sandy bashing the East Coast Of USA I can not help myself but feel the enormous energy being released with that storm.Just thinking about it gives me cold shivers. I am praying for all , that are  in the hands of the big storm now.Let it pass. This type is not of the ones, that you can dance in the rain.

Things like that in Nature always come in their time. Mother Nature exists in balance and when energy has to be released , we as humans have to obey and watch and pray that we will be here after the storm.

I believe, that most human emotions can be compared to the weather. Sometimes I feel stormy.If my day has been to much occupied with routine work, school runs, cooking and house work I would have hardly had a time to think.Some days when I haven’t been loving to my body and did not sleep enough, or didn’t relax or didn’t read . Those are times when clouds gather in me.  I have been gathering a lot of clouds in my head and then out of a sudden the clouds meet a low pressure and boom -its time to release the rain.Its a wonderful relief to let the storm pass and release all that energy.  Balance is kept by letting the flow of whatever is do it’s work. But remember , any storm no matter how big will pass. Just hang on there and be strong.It will get better, may be not tomorrow , but it will eventually.

Storms change us. I remember every major storm I have witnessed in my life -in Bulgaria, in the Swiss Alps ,in Athina, even the two times there were thunder storms in Bangor I remember vividly. May be it’s just me over “feeling ” the weather. Like for example now I feel like I moved into my winter body.

During and just before the storms I remember the feeling of being so humbled and scared. It makes all other worries look so small and insignificant. The water has the magical effect to cleanse and revitalize . After the storm it’s a fresh start, until the next one.

This is life, storms, bright days and clods . Some storms are unpredictable, but its all part of being alive.


Sending Blessings and Love ♥


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