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5 Commonly Neglected Places in Your Home That Needs Cleaning

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When it comes to cleaning up your house, you probably have a pretty normal cleaning routine that you go through. You might start in the kitchen, move onto the living room, and then tidy up the bedrooms. However, that’s probably leaving you with some unattended parts of your house that you haven’t thought about cleaning. Without a proper cleaning of these areas, you are going to be leaving them to just stay dirty and even cause some sicknesses in your family. Keep reading down below to learn more about how you can keep these areas of your house clean that you normally neglect.

1.Your Attic

The first place that we’ve got to talk about is your attic, which you probably haven’t touched in a super long time. Your attic is a place where you probably just keep all of those old holiday decorations and old children’s toys that no one uses anymore. However, if you keep the attic clean, you could look into using it for more things than just storage. There are plenty of ways to transform your attic into a loft where your kids could play in, for example. However, if you leave it in disarray, then there’s no chance of this happening. In addition to your attic, you should head up on the roof to get some roof cleaning done.

2.Your Basement

Next up, we’ve got to have a bit of a chat about your basement. The same logic that goes for your logic is probably true for your basement. You might just use it for storage or for those random things you don’t know where to put. However, you could be easily using your basement as a place for family fun. When you leave your basement in disarray, you are putting it at risk for attracting various kinds of pests.

3.Under the Couches

You probably don’t want to imagine what the underside of your couches look like and that’s why most people don’t want to clean down there. However, the dust that gathers beneath your couch is the perfect storm for any of your family members that are suffering from allergies. Make sure to move around the couches and vacuum/mop down there to get rid of all that dust and nasty stuff down there.

4.Behind and Under Kitchen Appliances

Another neglected place in your house that you don’t clean normally is probably behind your and under any kitchen appliances you have. This is probably the last place that you think about cleaning when you’re sprucing up your kitchen, but if you don’t clean up around here, then this is also going to pose problems for those of your family members with allergies. Plus, when you get rid of the dust and nasty stuff behind/under your appliances, they are going to run more efficiently and last a whole lot longer.

5.The Underside of Your Toilet

Of course, one of the places in your house that you probably spend the most time cleaning is your bathroom. This is the place where tons of diseases can fester if you leave it un-clean for too long. That’s why it’s important for you to clean all areas of your bathroom, even the underside of your toilet. You might think that just cleaning the inside bowl is enough, but the underside can get pretty dusty and hold onto the nasty bacteria that arise from regular bathroom use. Make sure to clean the entire toilet to ensure that everything is clean.

There you have it! These are the top places in your home that you probably neglect whenever you’re cleaning, but that you should definitely clean on a regular basis. This is going to keep your family safe from any dust and nasty bacteria that may be hiding.

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