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5 Important Tools Used By Locksmiths

If you know what locksmiths do, you should also know how they do it. A locksmith uses tools that are specially designed for every function of a lock or security system. There are a few essential tools that every locksmith has by default, and these tools are most commonly used on security systems and/or locks. Using these tools isn’t easy, and neither is the job of a locksmith. Tools are specialized and personalized according to the type of lock that the locksmith is dealing with. You might need to know what kind of tools a locksmith uses, so that you can successfully keep an eye on what your locksmith is doing. Here is a list of five important tools that locksmiths use. Let’s take a look.

5 Important Tools Used By Locksmiths

                                                                                                                                         From Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

1. Key extractors

Mostly used for removing a broken or a stuck key, key extractors are used. A key extractor can be pushed in through the keyhole to extract a wedged or stuck key. If there is a broken key in it, a key extractor can procure that easily as well. It can also remove anything else that might be stuck in the keyhole or the lock. With a key extractor, it gets easier for the locksmith to obtain whatever it is that has gotten wedged into the lock cylinder or keyhole.

2. Handheld scope

This is the type of tool that provides access to viewing the lock cylinder properly. Sometimes there are corners and nooks that can’t be seen at the first glance. A handheld scope provides a better vision of the problem that the locksmith might be facing. Some security systems are designed in complex ways that cannot easily be seen into without the proper exposure. A handheld scope helps in viewing the complicated patterns and mechanism of the lock cylinder or the security system that the locksmith is dealing with.

3. Tension wrenches

Tension wrenches come in types of light, medium, and rigid. Based on the kind of situation you are stuck in, the locksmith will use the particular type of tension wrench. A tension wrench exerts pressure on the lock cylinder to get it to provide access to the locksmith. This tool is commonly used by locksmiths everywhere when it comes to dealing with stubborn or inflexible locks or lock cylinders, depending on the kind of problem has arisen over it.

4. Computerized picks

Lock picks that are computerized usually work where a normal lock pick doesn’t. An advanced security system that consists of combination structure usually requires a computerized lock pick to crack it open. These instruments are more fragile and tricky to use, and a locksmith must be aware of their use at the right point of time. Electric pick guns are also available that locksmiths, at times, use in case the computerized lock pick doesn’t exactly work to their aid. Electric pick guns also come in various types and a locksmith must know which one to use.

5. Plug spinner

This is the most basic tool that locksmiths widely use. A plug spinner is a tool that can revert locks i.e. it is used to unlock the lock in case of a lost key. This is the most commonly used tool, because most cases are of lost or forgotten keys, which is usually solved by using a plug spinner. A plug spinner needs separate parts to work based on the kind of lock that is being dealt with. A locksmith, like the 24 hour Vegas locksmiths do, must know what part should be used for the specified lock, because if the right part isn’t used, the job becomes relatively difficult.
A locksmith uses a lot of important and essential tools, but the aforementioned five are the most indispensable ones. Every locksmith must have these tools at their expense, and if you are planning to make a career as a locksmith, you might just need them regularly. A professional locksmith knows that these tools are absolutely essential and are also a long-term asset for their professional career.

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