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5 Weight Loss Tips that everyone knows

We all know that weight loss can be quite the struggle. Many of us spend hours at the gym, eat all the right things, read up on the latest news and research. People like us give it our all, but sometimes we just don’t see any progress. We’re told to take rip-off supplements, do tons of crunches, and eat the latests trendy health foods. What we need to do is go back to the basics. Here are 5 easy, simple weight loss tips that do just that, and will save you time and effort. These will dispel are the myths and lies surrounding weight loss and help you be the you you’ve always wanted to be!


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1. Diet is 90% of weight loss.

There’s a popular saying in the fitness community – abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. To have a lean physique, diet is key. Exercise is still important, as it will keep you from becoming skinny-fat, which means you’re thin but lack muscle tone. Even if you do lots of cardio, it will still take far too much time to burn off all the calories from the food you ate that day. Therefore, focus on diet, but don’t stop exercising, as it puts the finishing touches on your physique.

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2. Quantity is more important than quality
When losing weight, calories are the first thing you must focus on. This certainly doesn’t mean eat only unhealthy and processed foods, as eating healthy will make you feel much better physically. However, don’t worry that an occasional cup of ice cream or a bag of chips will impede your weight loss, just make sure to count the calories if you eat such foods.

3. When you think you’re hungry, you may not actually be hungry
Many of our food cravings are actually emotional or conditioned. Whenever you crave something, it could be because you saw an advertisement, were reminded of certain memory of a food, or you simply usually eat at a certain time of day. Whenever you schedule you eating, your body tends to make you feel hungry at the times you normally eat. This is bad news if you’re a habitual snack eater. Whenever you feel cravings, wait 30 minutes to see if you’re still hungry. It’s also helpful to wait for a physical sign of hunger, such as your stomach growling or hunger pangs. When you body actually needs food, it will not just send mental signals, but physical ones too.

4. Drink lots of water
Sometimes when you think you may be hungry, it’s simply dehydration. For example, whenever you wake in the morning, you’re not just hungry, but also dehydrated – you just slept for 8 hours and didn’t drink anything! Before eating, drink a glass of water. Doing so will reduce your appetite and keep you from eating more than is necessary. Also, it is best practice to only drink water. Fruit juice, coffee with syrup and cream, energy drinks, and sodas are packed with empty calories. They won’t fill you up. You don’t want to drink your calories because drinks will not fill you up as much as food does.

5. Weigh everything you eat
This is essential, as guessing will not get you far. You may be surprised how much calories may actually be in your food when you get an accurate measurement! Whatever you eat, you want to know the exact amount you have eaten. A smart way to do this is invest in a food scale. Often, you can look up what you ate on a calorie tracker, put in the amount you ate, and see the exact amount of calories and nutrient your food has.

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