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6 Signs You Might Have Bed Bugs


A bed bug infestation is a real misfortune to have to deal with. There are many factors which have to be considered to reach this conclusion. Let us have a look at some of the most common signs which are taken into account to ascertain that there is a bed bug infestation in our homes.

  1. Bite Marks Over the Body

One of the most obvious ways that we start to think about a beg bug population under our covers is the bite marks that they leave all over the body. Though they can be mistaken for the bite of a mosquito or any other insect bite, they have some common features. The bites usually occur in groups and form flat to raise red welts over the back, shoulder, face, neck and feet. They tend to itch a lot and make our nights sleepless. So, once such marks are found over the body, start checking for bed bugs.

  1. Stains on Mattresses

Squashing dead a bed bug can sometimes lead to our undigested blood in it to form stains on the bedding. If in doubt, it really does help to use light coloured, plain bed sheets without any patterns. The blood smears can easily be spotted and can be used as another sign that there are bed bugs cohabiting with us. Even beg bug faecal matter which looks like smeared black ink is another better indication of the fact that it is indeed bed bugs which we are dealing with. To be sure, there are Faecal Detection Kits in the market which can be used.

  1. Findings During a Careful Inspection

The best way to find out whether there are bed bugs hiding in our homes is to do a careful visual inspection. Though they are basically nocturnal creatures, looking into the corners of the beds, under the mattresses and poking around the furniture will definitely lead to at least one of those bugs. If such a method fails, there are always interception devices to our rescue. The moving bugs will be caught in one of those devices within a period of three to four weeks at the most. This is a more effective way of finding bed bugs than visual inspection.

  1. Skin Flakes

Bed bugs can leave behind their skin flakes which basically look like translucent beg bugs. This is left behind as they shed their skin during the stages in which they mature from nymphs to adult bed bugs. Finding these in clusters is a good sign that beg bugs have indeed invaded your comfortable space. This shedding is about 2 mm to 4 mm in length and oval in shape. Skin flakes are easier to spot against a darker colour due to its translucent colouring.

  1. By the Odour

A different odour is emanated by these creatures can be easily identified if they are in large numbers. This is produced due to the pheromones which are released by them. The odour is usually musty and is described to smell like spoiled raspberries or mouldy clothes. Only in case of a pretty severe infestation can such a smell be identified, and it warrants for the immediate calling of an exterminator for the removal of bed bugs.

  1. Eggs and Eggshells

A female bed bug can lay quite a large number of eggs which can total to around five hundred, a logical explanation for their increasing population. The eggs are tiny and shiny whereas the eggshells which result after the nymph has gotten out is about the same size but with the luster lost. Finding them is another evidence of the infestation.


A beg bug infestation is indeed a troublesome matter to be experienced but with a combination of all these signs, it can be concluded that the problem is real and has to be dealt with at the earliest. 

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