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9 solutions for green and effective DIY air fresheners

Air fresheners are a popular household object that we use every day to emit fragrance into our homes – but, it can be really difficult finding an air freshener product that comes without the use of chemicals which can evoke health symptoms and be unsafe for the environment.

It has even been widely reported that air fresheners may contain allergens and compound chemicals that can cause cancer. The need for closer monitoring of which chemicals are allowed to be used by manufacturers is massive, so until then what can we do about it ourselves?

Thankfully, Chadwicks have come up with 9 alternatives to air freshener products that are not only green and easy to use, but are effective and made using mostly household objects.

Many people enjoy the smell of coffee, for example. Did you know that coffee beans can be just as effective as an air freshener spray? The strong smell will spritz up the home and they’re easy to make. One tip is to place ground coffee in the bottom of your bin bang to counter the smell of rubbish.

It is also claimed that hiding little containers of vinegar around the hell will help to remove odours from the home. Mixing one part of vinegar with four parts of water into a spray bottle will become a powerful air freshener spray – but without all the nasty chemicals!

Have a look at the infographic below to find out some of the DIY air fresheners that you can use around the home to be green and eco-friendly. Be sure to add any of your own suggestions below!


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