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7 Skin Secrets Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You

Those regular visits to the dermatologist are draining you out, aren’t they? Every time you go, there’s something or the other that is left out, and you just don’t seem to achieve that perfect skin texture or luminous glow on your soft cheeks. Do you know why you have to keep paying visits to your dermatologist every month or so? Well, you’re about to find out. There are some things that a dermatologist won’t tell you: things that can potentially increase the wellness of your skin and make your days much better. And those things are listed below for you to take a look at, and ensure that perfect glow on your skin for days to come.



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Sleep can be your worst enemy

If you are not washing your face after a long day outside within the dust and pollution and everything, you’re going to have enough problems anyway. Plus, if you just hit the pillow right when you get home due to exhaustion you are making it worse Keeping your face clean before you go to sleep for eight hours straight will not only give the skin enough time to breathe, but it will also soften your pores. Be sure to wash your face and apply a moisturizer if you’ve got dry skin. If you can’t wash your face because you’re too tired, keep wet towelettes next to your bed so you can use them to cleanse your skin.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on one side with your cheek pressed onto the pillow causes the formation of wrinkles, which is the greatest cause of skin aging. It is recommended to sleep on your back because it will reduce at least one of those unlimited causes for wrinkles.

Hydration won’t work everywhere

Hydrating your skin at least eight times a day has been told my so many people to so many people. But what most fail to understand is that it depends on the weather conditions in whichever area you are present. If you’re living in a dry, desert region, even eight hours of hydration is not enough to ensure your skin to be moisturized. What you can do, however, is to use moisturizers along with hydrating every day, more often than not, so you can make sure that there isn’t a stone unturned in keeping your dry skin silky and smooth.

Don’t use soap on dry skin

There’s an unlimited amount of face wash available out there. Pick out one that suits your skin type. Using soap on dry skin will only make it rough and uneven instead of the soft and supple texture that you’re longing for. Never use soap on dry skin. Even for your body, choose a mild soap that won’t damage your already dry skin, or use body wash. There’s a range of soaps to choose from, and once you’ve used whichever soap, make sure to apply moisturizer to keep your skin healthier.


Use those branded anti-aging creams

Those advertisements and commercials you see on television endorsing a number of anti-aging creams for younger looking skin actually do work on some people. Most dermatologists are keen on recommending their own choice of product, but they won’t tell you that those creams they show on TV are also useful at times.

Working out won’t make you younger

You can spend hours and days working out with your trainer at the gym, but be mindful that it’s not going to make your skin look more appealing. Working out makes your body fitter, helps you lose weight and ensure toning of the muscles. It does not claim to be good for skin, no matter how much they say that perspiration is good. In honest terms, most people who are too skinny actually look older than obese people with enough fat around their face to make their skin look soft.

Shun the magnifying mirror

Looking at those blackheads and pores in the magnifying mirror and nipping and pulling at them is not the right way to beautiful skin. It will be much better if you stop using it, because that mirror will only enhance your flaws and make you look at it more times than necessary, which is going to damage your skin enough anyway.

Getting that soft, supple skin is more your job than your dermatologists, and if you follow a few uncommon tips and tricks, you’ll already be on your way to beautiful skin.

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