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Back to school with custom stickers  from Stickerkid

I know that this school year is almost over, but before you know it it would be back to school runs again. 

Apart from being prepared for the new school year I also like to be organized. You know the amount of things, that kids have to bring to school anyway so have their items named only makes sense. It is also nice to have the tags and stickers looking cool and trendy so the kids would like them as well. 

My boys are very good at looking after their own things but every now and again something goes misplaced or missing. If I haven’t named it, it normally means that the item is lost for good. That is why every school encourages us to name and label everything.

I normally use a fabric marker for all their clothes as it is the easiest way, but it washes off and I have to rewrite their names. I also have the sew on labels, but I am not great at getting that done as I have to do so many items every year, I get so bored. 


So when I was offered to review some name tags and custom stickers I was delighted to accept the offer to review Stickerkid. 




I got to review the starter pack which included 102 stickers. I was delighted to get some custom stickers for my boys.This is the discovery pack which included 60 small stickers, 22 medium stickers and 20 name labels all of which I will be using for the next school year, starting in September.This would really make it easy for me to label all the items as all of my kids carry plenty of things.

The quality in my opinion is great and it won’t be easy to peel off even after hundreds of times of use. I especially like the red stickers as they are bright and shiny. If you decide to have a look at the range of personalized stickers you will find that you would be spoiled for choice. You can pick from 12 different colours and you can choose the size and font for your stickers. I can see those ones going on lunch boxes, water bottles, recorders, tennis rackets, swimming goggles, shoes and even some nice pens. All the stickers are dishwasher safe and water resistant which is a must with young kids and active teenagers as well. 



With StickerKid you can personalize almost everything.You can add a personal touch to all of yours and  children’s belongings, including a nice clothes tags, you can also get nice door stickers and posters. From what I have seen the team is incredibly kind and professional. Hop over to Stickerkid website and have a look for yourself.


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