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A New E-Journal That Will Connect Psychotherapist around the World

A New E-Journal That Will Connect Psychotherapist around the World

The E-Journal of Psychotherapy Research – A revolutionary, open access, online journal has recently been created to promote a wider exchange among psychotherapists. Those professionals who are coming from different countries and cultures can now impart and receive information with each other on a regular basis: Joining the world of psychotherapy.
The journal is free of charge for the authors as well.
The creator of this distinctive e-journal, an NGO (Psy-Res, Psychology and Psychotherapy Research Society) that was recently founded in Geneva, strives towards contributing to psychological research. Their aim is to publish short original articles that have an accurate methodological exposition and bibliographic studies.
The e-journal was mainly intended to be a medium for the sharing of information among professionals. The creators of the e-journal believe that it also has the potential to contribute to the development of psychotherapeutic science. “This is because most of the progress involved in psychotherapy has taken place in professional studios rather than in academic circles.”
Because there are some professionals who can, at times, have difficulty transcribing their findings throughout their sessions, the e-journal encourages feedback between reviewers and authors. The feedback is meant to aid the authors with the writing of their submissions. This is for the benefit of the readers to be able to make comprehensive considerations from the articles that will be published.

Psychotherapists from all over the world will now have a professional e-journal to collaborate and ascertain data, while at the same time, share their acquired knowledge. It is the e-journals intent that those in the psychotherapy profession will contribute to the success of the publication by presenting articles of their studies for consideration by their peers. The success of the e-journal depends greatly upon the involvement of its contributors.
Overall the new E-Journal of Psychotherapy Research will be an enormous additament to the Psychotherapy community. Anticipation for opening connections around the world is heightened by the expected response of the psychotherapists who will be reading the e-journal.
For anyone interested in gaining more information about the E-journal of Psychotherapy Research, and would like some simple accessibility please visit

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