mother nature loves you
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Food-the most intimate and life lasting relationship that you will have

Your body is where you live . I don’t know enough about “before” or “after” life in the sense , that some other people do. 

I want to serve you by  helping you to take care  of your body now, today and feel amazing being alive and full of energy. 

So in my opinion your health, your mood, your state and your performance depends 70-80% on what you eat. I think that from personal experience and also by researching and reading about the subject.Food is a very powerful expression of life.

Everything starts with food.In the first hours of your life you are looking to suck some lively golden drink from your mummy and as the time goes on you grow in a matter of days. Then you have your first meal at your granny’s house , you celebrate every birthday or any other happy or sad occasion with food.Someone is born there is a party, someone is getting married-there is a party , someone has died -there is food being served .

mother nature loves you
Mother nature Loves You with food

Food is essential, but also can be healing and energizing and truly make you feel better and amazing.

Your food is with you no matter what happens-it is the most intimate and life lasting relationship that you will have till your last breath.(It is a sad reality, that even people who are sentenced to death in some prisons are allowed to choose a meal.)


Food is your fuel-you give your body what is meant to eat and you feel different.Your body is amazing-if you had to “think” for every process, that is happening in your body right now you might not even have a chance to read or to do anything creative.

Your body is a miracle.All you have to do is take care of it in the easiest way -feed it well and you will feel well. 

No matter where you are at the moment with your eating habits there are 5 things, that you can do , that almost instantly will help you feel better. mother nature loves you

1.Strat your day with a glass of water -before you have had any food take 3 minutes of your morning to gently start your organs and enjoy your glass of water. 

2.Eat raw green vegetables-regardless of what kind of vegetables it is. Green leafy vegetables are full with minerals and vitamins and they are pure energy,They will also fight any kind of information and build your cells and strengthen your immune system .

3.Reduce and eliminate dairy milk-in my opinion this is one of the most toxic “foods”, not just because most milk comes from cows, that have been vaccinated, medicated and loaded with antibiotics and hormones, but also because your body will struggle to digest the cow’s milk and you will put your digestive system under pressure and create inflammation. You can read about alternatives to dairy here.

4.Eat together -eating with your family or friends creates a loving nurturing environment and it’s twice as enjoyable and brings you all closer together. 

5.Eat  when you are really hungry and if you are not sure drink a glass of water or take a piece of fruit. Hunger comes in waves and when you listen to your body you will become aware , that if you eat a big meal on the first wave of hunger you will not enjoy it as much.Also letting yourself to feel what kind of hunger it is will help you eat the right things as well.If it’s an emotional hunger you will be frantic to eat something specific , but if yu are really hungry you are very likely to enjoy almost anything. 

Mother Nature Loves you with food. 

Embrace that love and feel amazing, 

Lots of love



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