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Acupuncture for fertility Brisbane


The use of acupuncture in the fertility process helps couples to conceive and have a child by helping to treat and overcome the causes of infertility. Both a safe and effective practice, Brisbane acupuncture for fertility is used at a lot of the best In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) clinics. This is a clear indication of its ability to help and support the pregnancy process. As a holistic therapy in its own right, acupuncture treatment is able to boost the ability of the female body to become pregnant without the need for any other treatments.

In-fact acupuncture is also used to improve male fertility. Often problems associated with low sperm count and weak morphology as well as other contributing and better-known factors such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure and things such as problematic digestion can be treated by a knowledgeable acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is often delivered to support the efforts of health care specialists such as IVF clinics, obstetricians and midwives in a private hospital and public healthcare facilities.

It has been demonstrated by scientists in Europe that acupuncture treatment is capable of improving the chances of successfully conceiving. This is done by enhancing the density of the uterine lining, which promotes the development of follicles and subsequently the calibre of the female egg.

The British Medical Journal cited in 2008 that the use of acupuncture in support of IVF treatment can improve the chances of females becoming pregnant by somewhere between 65% and 85%. In stark comparison, IVF on its own gives a 25% chance of pregnancy. Science is therefore behind the use of acupuncture which has for so long been considered intangible because of the inability to pinpoint how or why it works.

An even more advantageous aspect of acupuncture treatment is that it can also be used to treat the problems caused by IVF treatment. Often IVF patients will experience headaches, put on more weight, feel anxious, become moody and a whole list of other symptoms. Unsurprisingly this can be counter-productive to the conception process because the body becomes stressed, which is not an ideal natural state to become pregnant. Experienced acupuncturists have been using their knowledge to treat patients by targeting symptoms such as these since it first became popular.

Worthy of note is that to be able to successfully treat infertility in women, it is important to understand the menstrual cycle of the patient in order determines its quality. A typical treatment process following diagnosis will then look to bring normality to the menstrual cycle and then to optimise its performance. This can be achieved with frequent visits to the acupuncture practitioner, at the correct times of the calendar month, to help realise this goal. Of course, it isn’t always the menstruation process or indeed the female that is preventing the successful fertilisation of the embryo and fortunately, a similar process of interpretation, diagnosis and corrective treatment of fertility problems is also possible with men.


Ultimately acupuncture has the ability to benefit the pregnancy process at every stage, and once successfully pregnant, it is both safe and beneficial to continue with acupuncture to help support your child’s development in the womb.

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