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31 Day Blogging Challenge

31 Day Blogging Challenge- How have you changed in the last 2 years?

Change is the only sure thing in life. It’s inevitable.

I feel I have become more aware and grounded. Since August 2017 I have read around 40 books, 30 of them in the modern contemporary genre.

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When Xander was a few months old I decided, that he won’t be seeing me looking at my phone as much as he will see me reading a book or chopping salads.

I guess these are 2 of my favourite things-reading books and chopping vegetables.

It worked because now he knows, that I love books and vegetables and this is one of the secrets of a good life-reading books and eating vegetables.

I have changed even more through my older kids, which are growing into amazing young men. I remember being their age and I also remember my mother being my age. It such a bittersweet feeling.

My hair is longer, I am using an iPhone now, I haven’t worn high heels for over two years…

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” 
― Rumi

I guess my biggest change is that I don’t promote veganism the way I used to. I feel I am a different phase of being vegan. A few years ago I listened to one of my favourite people -Coleen Patrick Gourreu and she identified the stages of being vegan perfectly.

I no longer feel the need to explain myself or to “give advice” to others (most of the time).

I have decided to focus as much as possible in things, that I have control over, rather than giving my power away to anything else.

I like to think, that I have changed in terms of awareness and have become more conscious of myself and what I am bringing to others.

Here is to real-life affirming changes, that help us to grow as human beings and live a full life in our own terms.

Taste the coffee, smell the roses and take a deep breath!

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