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Are you too connected?

With innovations in technology ever-present, staying connected to the internet is easier than ever.

In doing so, we must stare at the screens of desktops, tablets, and smartphones which is not good for the health of our eyes. Often, people experience trouble focusing, red, irritated, or dry eyes and even headaches. So we’ve compiled a few simple ways to alleviate your symptoms.

To add moisture to the eyes, you can try an over-the-counter method like eye drops.

Or, a more natural means like doing eye exercises that generate tears. Small changes like dimmer lighting around your desk and keeping a few plants nearby can make an immediate difference in your environment. Try to keep your computer below your chin level approximately 20 – 28 inches away from you.

Even adding vegetables to your diet and cutting back on the caffeine will relieve your suffering. More importantly, if you wear an eye prescription, make sure they are checked annually so they are up-to-date. Whatever you do, make sure you see an eye doctor to ensure your symptoms are not an indication of a serious vision problem.

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