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The Pure Reiki Healing Master Course Review- Enhance The Quality Of Life

The Pure Reiki Healing Master Course Review- Enhance The Quality Of Life
I was a student and had no direction in life after high school. I was lost and could not decide on what to pursue as a career in the future. My parents wanted me to become a doctor while I wanted to become a musician. There was an inner conflict inside. I was always troubled, as I wanted to be a musician by heart and not upset my parents.
I was given the Pure Reiki Healing Master Course by Owen Coleman by my sister.

pure reiki

She was equally concerned about me. She was a spiritual person from a very young age and from here I learn yoga and meditation. She told me about the wonders of Reiki. I asked her to treat me so that I could decide on the right career path without hurting anyone including myself. She gave me the Pure Reiki Healing Master Course and said this was my key to finding a solution.




As promise to my sister, I had to write this review for the course after using it. The Pure Reiki Healing Master Course deals with the Japanese touch therapy called Reiki founded by Dr Mikao Usui 200 years ago. Reiki means The Universal Life Force that flows inside us. When you are attuned to the Reiki energy, you can effectively heal yourself and others. This healing takes place on the mental and physical place.
In my case, I was at the crossroads of my career. My heart and mind were at loggerheads. I did not want to suppress my feelings. I loved music and my parents. Choosing between the two was tough. However, with daily Reiki sessions I began to get mental clarity.
Reiki works for your highest good. It does not work the same for everyone. It will first understand what you need the most. It will never harm you and give you negative thoughts. You should have trust in this energy. Doubts will not make it work. Reiki has no known causes of side effects. However, it does have a positive impact on the people it has treated so far.
My Review is that Pure Reiki Healing Master Course gives you innumerable instances where Reiki has treated and helped people. With regular practice Reiki has improved the lives of people and given them mental peace. Reiki should not be substituted for medicine. There is no evidence that Reiki works for all ailments. There are many amazing claims in this product however you should conduct research before you opt for them.pure reiki healing mastery

In conclusion of this review, Reiki helped me to find my direction after some months. I took up music lessons after my parents finally found it was my true calling. I am very happy today. Maybe, Reiki changed their minds for my good. I am very happy and so are they. Whenever, I am in a dilemma I no longer worry. I follow the Five Principles of Reiki explained in this product. I just know that Reiki works for the highest good. It knows what is best for me. When I am in doubt, I invoke this energy to guide and heal me. It gently does it job and makes life more meaningful and beautiful for me!

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