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Back to Blogging- Day 2-Morning Rituals

The purpose of today’s task is share my morning rituals and what would be the 3 things, that can improve my business.
I am a morning person without any shadow of a doubt.How do I know this?

The morning is so full of pure potential, it’s almost incredibly addictive to want to get up with the sunlight, like I do. In the last few weeks I have been up away before it and loving all the colours of the sky. 
I get so much done in the morning and I feel much more efficient than any other time of the day. As I am writing this article is getting quite late and I feel my anticipation to complete it.

The 3 things that i do every morning almost without a fail are quite simple. I read my Kindle every morning for whatever time I can squeeze, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. In that way I feel productive before getting up. I also like to stretch for about 3 minutes. In the last month I have been walking 5 miles almost every day and stretching in the morning helps me to wake up. Then I will drink a glass of  water and start waking up to boys if it is a school day.morning rituals


Those 3 things reading, stretching, drinking water take no more than 10-15 minutes, but they do set me off to a brilliant day. 

And I could benefit form a  morning ritual to write some fresh content you may say. Well, this is not always the case as many of times I have sat and wrote in the morning just for the sake of writing and nothing came out good enough to click the publish button. As I am almost constantly looking at the clock in the morning I find it almost impossible to focus on writing. This last sentence sounded like an excuse, didn’t it? I do have the “paralysis of analysis syndrome”, but never the less I am getting better at taking action and being more creative, I hope 🙂 

So How can I improve my morning rituals? 

1.I can outline an article or some other form of content, that I will complete later in the day

2.I can also decide to solve one problem that day. I used to think, that by avoiding my challenges and not thinking about them they will somehow vanish. I no longer think that and I would like to solve something small each day, depending on the day. 

3.I can also benefit from outlining an e-mail, that I will be sending to my followers and friends. I have been shying away from that and I want to get more conversations going so I can improve my services. 

Overall I want to simply be more creative and self-expressive, not just on Social Media but also here on my blog and in my e-mail communications. I will be adding more opportunities on my blog and will be organzing the content as well. 

Many thanks for being here and reading my blog post. 

I appreciate you and I love you. 



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