How to create a sticky content for your blog

5 Evergreen Blogging Ideas Every Blog should have

5 Evergreen Blogging Ideas Every Blog should have

We are living in incredibly interesting times.

My brain gets targeted the moment I look at my phone where robots create a custom made image of the world.

I want to create content that will matter for longer than an hour. I want to help you do the same from time to time.

Here are 5 blogging ideas to get you started.


1. Create a list 

Lists are loved by almost everyone. They are easy to create and even easier to read. This makes them very shareable on social media.


Interesting facts about……

Useful Resources…………….

Things you wished you knew before you………..

List of websites……

2.Create a How to Post

Making a how-to guide is good because people can benefit from a little guidance every so often.


How to take food photos with your smartphone

 How to spot MLM hype

 How to make the perfect tomato sauce

3. Make a buyers guide

Depending on your niche you can simply start with the things you have purchased yourself and recommend them to your readers. Using affiliate links where you can potentially get paid is also a nice bonus.

10 essential products every new puppy owner needs
12 gift ideas for the foodie in the family 
7 must-haves for your blog 

4.Create a beginner’s guide

This will be a starting point for anyone interested in a particular topic. Keep it simple and give your readers interesting information.

Beginner's guide to baking bread
Simple tips for growing your own herbs
Beginner's guide to writing a blog post

5.Round up the best of XYZ

Simply choose a popular topic in your niche and share your knowledge about it.

Start with the obvious ones like books, shows, eateries.


Best books every entrepreneur should read 
The best coconut products for your hair 
Best places to visit in Ireland with children
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