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Dream of a Vegan Supermarket

Today I went grocery shopping on my own. Every mother would understand how nice it feels to do it every so often-it is like a little therapy, that we all need every now and again. I like taking my time and reading labels on everything I buy now, not just because I am a beginner vegan, but also they might be some hidden poisons like modified maize starch, food enhancers and fructose-glucose syrup . The list goes on so I highly recommend you always read the ingredients on anything, that you buy in a packet or a jar. For example I was gonna get a packet of dates today , but one of the ingredients was syrup , how bazaar. Those are one of the sweetest fruits known to me, why did they add this poison to them. Then there was another brand , that had added to the dates vegetable oil-another bizarre ingredient, but I suppose it is done so the dates will last forever. So I ended up buying the most expensive ones-pure organic whole dates, nothing taken, nothing added with only 3 months life. Thank goodness for the variety.

Another food with hidden poisons is tomato sauce in a glass jar. Some of them contain modified maize starch witch is made of genetically modified corn.The dangers of GM foods are yet to be researched as the debate if they are safe for human consumption is still ongoing. Avoid those foods at any costs no matter what they say-it is clever marketing. Mother Nature did not intend to feed us with foods, that even insects won’t eat.So be very conscious of it. I know sometimes food might not be labeled, but always choose as organic, as clean as possible. Every time you eat clean organic food you are investing in your health and in the health of your family.

So as I was walking around the supermarket I realise how I have become blind to all the meat, dairy and cheese being sold there. I know it is there, but it is not food to me -its dead bodies full with bacteria and a lot of toxins. Then a thought came to my mind. What will it look like if all the foods here are vegan and organic. I would have done the shopping in 10 minutes or so. I would hardly read any label and all of the fruits and vegetables will be organic, so I just get what I want. This will be the norm one day. I believe that. No matter how long it takes humans will evolve to the realization , that eating meat and animal based products is totally unnecessary.

Being a vegan is a choice , like anything else. So far is having as big effect on my life as becoming a mother.

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Sending blessings and Love


P.S This is day 64 of Word press Challenge to make a post every day. There are 168 days left of 2012.

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