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Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (commonly referred to as e-cigs) were first invented by a Chinese inventor named Hon Lik who originally invented them after his father (a heavy smoker) passed away from lung cancer. They’re popularity slowly grew into Europe in 2005 and have evolved hugely since. We’re going to break down every model of an e-cig that’s in the UK market place right now and help you in making the right decision for you in relation to your current smoking habits.

What are they and how do they work?

Electronic cigarettes are essentially battery powered devices which deliver nicotine by vaporizing a fluid containing nicotine using heat.

What are the benefits of ecigs?

Recent scientific studies have shown that ecigs can reduce health risks by at least 95% when compared to traditional cigarettes. We’ve listed just a few of them below

They’re a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes – numerous scientific studies have proven that smoking traditional cigarettes puts you at higher risk of a wide array of illnesses including heart disease, lung and throat cancer, Alzheimer’s and the list goes on.. 99% of which are caused by the burning of tobacco and other chemicals which are eliminated with use of e-cigs!

E-cigs are also completely odourless – Every smoker is used to the strong scent of cigarettes which can get absorbed into your clothes and hair and can often be off putting for anyone you come into contact with. E-cigarettes don’t give off any odour due to the exhalation of vapour as opposed to smoke.

Extremely cost effective compared to traditional smoking. Dependent on how much you smoke on average per day, switching to e-cigs could save you thousands a year. All the electronic cigarettes we have on our website are reusable and the costs of maintaining them are relatively low, which means that all you have to keep buying is the e-liquid with a 10ml bottle equivalent to approximately 80 – 100 cigarettes! You do the math. Check out the latest electronic cigarettes from one of the most established UK online retailers of

E-cig Store is an established online retailers in the electronic cigarette market place. We offer a huge range of high quality products to fulfill our customers’ vaping needs.

We’re based in Stratford Upon Avon and  currently supply to a number of outlets in the Warwickshire area and aim to grow awareness of e-cigs and the benefits they can provide as opposed to conventional cigarettes.
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