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How to make your bedroom vegan friendly

Decorating your bedroom can be one of the most fun and challenging tasks out there, but it’s particularly challenging if you’re concerned about the environment. An even bigger challenge is if you’re a vegan. There is so much more to consider when you’re purchasing ethical, environmentally friendly and vegetarian products, but here are a few ways in which you can decorate your bedroom while adhering to vegan principles.

Look at where your bedding is manufactured

The process of feather procuration can be one of the most violent and inhumane practices out there, so make sure you take a look at where your duvet is manufactured in order to guarantee that no animals are going through this. The live plucking of birds is illegal in most European countries and in the United States, but keep an eye out if your duvet says it is made in China, Hungary or Poland.

Check your mattress

One of the focal points of your bedroom, your bed can be the source of many unethical or non vegan-friendly products. Be mindful when shopping for your mattress – oftentimes mattress companies will market their products as ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘all natural’, when in reality, they still use wool or silk. You can find a range of mattresses online which come in a variety of fibres that are totally vegan and environmentally-friendly. Look out for labels such as buckwheat, for example, which is totally biodegradable. If you have trouble finding that, you can always settle for fail-safe natural cotton fibres.


Choose organic flooring over carpets

For those of us with environmental as well as ethical concerns, a hardwood floor is far preferable to a carpet floor. The reason for this is that carpets used petroleum-based processes (which can be harmful to natural habitats) which in turn can be harmful to users’ skin. The carcinogenic chemicals are not only dangerous for you, but carpets are also notoriously difficult to clean. Floors made from wood or bamboo, meanwhile, can be cleaned easily while organic rugs can be shaken easily.

Invest in a houseplant

To look after the wellbeing of your co-habitants and any pets wandering around, a houseplant is the perfect purchase for vegan decorators. A Japanese peace lily makes for both an aesthetically pleasing addition to your bedroom and also helps to keep the air clean, giving your a clearer mind and helping you to tackle the day’s challenges.

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