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Healthier Study-Aid Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Stimulants for Students

Healthier Study-Aid Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Stimulants for Students

With tests and large projects quickly approaching, it is normal for students to panic about grades and completing everything on time. Due to the stress and anxiety of doing well in school, students across the U.S. are falling to extreme solutions, such as illegally abusing pharmaceutical drugs to try and excel.

Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, and other pharmaceutical stimulants were options designed for students with ADHD, but are becoming increasingly abused. Amphetamine has long been associated with speed freaks, bikers, truckers, and tweakers. Amphetamine causes the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, stress chemicals that create feelings of alertness, power, and impulsiveness. The high can come on like a rush of invincibility. Although many would consider anything to help do better in school, the idea of taking speed doesn’t feel right to most people. But Shire Pharmaceuticals (the original creators of the market) solved that marketing problem by rebranding amphetamine as Adderall, a “patented blend” of amphetamine salts targeted to treat ADD, ADHD, and narcolepsy. Today, polls show that a majority of college students abusing the drug do not think it to be harmful.

However, prolonged use of pharmaceutical stimulants like Adderall and its chemical cousins can create dependence and even serious side effects when abused. The short-term effects of Adderall abuse include insomnia and loss of appetite, which can cause stress and malnutrition. Just a few days of amphetamine abuse could cause paranoia and psychosis, and these symptoms will continuously get worse until the person stops the amphetamine use and returns to a normal eating and sleeping schedule. There are also withdrawal symptoms, including extreme agitation, irritability and, interestingly enough, an inability to focus. Long-term amphetamine use can also lead to anhedonia, or the inability to feel a sense of enjoyment or pleasure without the aid of some chemical stimulant, which can linger for long periods after quitting. Although Adderall is considered safe for prescription use, it’s still a Schedule II amphetamine and the addiction potential is high.

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But does abusing Adderall actually help students get achieve higher scores? Study after study has actually shown that Adderall makes no difference or actually impairs high performing individuals on complex tasks. Students only feel like they’re performing better.

Yet, there is a very promising new study pill that is marketing itself as a more effective and healthier study pill. The product is called Limidax, and it is quickly gaining support. Limidax contains ten all-natural ingredients that serve to make the product a powerful study aid pill for increased productivity and concentration.

Limidax is recommended for students who want a healthy method to boost studying and productivity efforts. Limidax XR is also much safer. The product is completely all-natural, and does not contain Gluten, GMO’s, Artificial Coloring, or Preservatives. Limidax XR is also a Vegetarian product.

Unlike a lot of the products out there for students, Limidax does not rely strongly on stimulants. Rather, Limidax uses healthier, more effective, and more expensive sources, such as Green Tea Extract and Yohimbine Standardized Extract. Impressively, the product also contains both Vinpocetine and Phenetylamine. Vinpocetine enables increased oxygen to the brain, with research that shows it may increase oxygenation boosting memory, concentration, and focus. Phenetylamine HCL has clinical studies that show it may increase focus and PEA levels. Low levels of PEA are actually associated with ADHD. You can read about all the studies through links to the National Library of Medicine that Limidax openly provides on their website.

You can see scientific and clinical research, by going to their website www.Limidax.com, and going to the Ingredients section.

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