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How to have the best year ever and 5 new year resolutions, that work-Reinvent Yourself-1000 day Challenge #20

Well, well, well according to the calendar in this part of the world today is the last day of 2013 and a lot of people will set up a new year resolution. There is nothing like the feeling of starting something new and exciting, but the truth is , that you can have that feeling every day if you want to . Watch the video . Please press play .

The most powerful force in you is the belief , that you have about yourself. The way you talk to yourself and the way you treat yourself matter to your results.

Instead of focusing on the goals-focus on the outcome, that you want for yourself. It is not what you do or how you do it -is who you become while doing it. 

New year is simply a day in the calendar. Make the most of every day .

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