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Vegan Dog and Cat Food

Becoming vegan involves many things. If you have a dog or a cat as a companion you would be willing to give them the best eco friendly vegan food. .As a vegan you know, that  you”vote” with your wallet every time you buy vegan food. Vegan-zing your companion’s food will ensure their health and your happiness.These days there are many companies, that offer different choices for vegan families.

 Eco Dogs and Cats is one of them.They stand out from the crowd for two main reasons. The company was created by Delta Farrington, who has been vegan for over 26 years and she is an active supporter of everything, that veganism stands for.

vegan dog and cat food
Delta and Hannah (one of her rescue dog companions)









Delta states “I practice what I preach. My cat Simba has been a vegan since we adopted her and my dog Hannah for 7 years. Our household, including our two animal companions, eat natural and organic, humane and cruelty free, vegan foods.”

vegan dog and cat food
Hannah and Rosie patiently waiting to be fed.


Feeding your companions should be a nurturing time. Delta has done all the hard work for you and has carefully gathered all the organic, eco friendly vegan food. All ingredients are natural, cruelty free and full of goodness.As well as food and treats the website if full with an abundance of information and resources to help you along the way. 

If you are new to choosing a food for your companions here are a few things, that might help.. 

1.Research- Regardless of whether you have spoken to a vet or not remember that you know your companion best. The decision on what food to give them is yours and by education yourself about nutrition and health you will be confident, that yout dog or cat will be nurtured. 

2.Monitor– let them have a few different meals and let them enjoy a few different treats. Pay attention on how they respond to each meal.

3.Find a complete vegan food for your companion dog or cat. Choosing natural ingredients, that are GMO and artificial ingredients free is your best option.

Overall the main point of feeding your companion vegan food is to stick with the vegan understanding, that there is no need to participate in any suffering or cruelty. You make a choice every time you buy vegan food or any other product, that is vegan.

eco vegan dog and cat food
comfy bed for your companion


When you visit Delta’s website you will also find a great choice of beds, accessories and toys.

Keep in touch with the latest news and offers on Facebook, too  


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