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How Are You Handling Change?

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I had a wonderful day and as the days are getting brighter and brighter we went for a drive. I love it when we just hop in the car and head somewhere. So today was one of those days and we had a great time at Murlogh beach near Newcastle. So now it’s a perfect time to share with you one of my favourite articles written by my mentor and friend Matthew Armstrong.

matthew armstrong
Matthew and his beautiful family

“How Are You Handling Change?”

There was something I learned many years ago, while I was studying meditation in a Thai monastery, and it was impermanence. I had never consciously thought about the word before or it’s meaning. “Everything is impermanent in this world,” said the old monk who had been meditating for over 18 hours per day for over half a century. “Do not be attached to anything”.Handling Change

His profound words awakened me to the understanding that we do not own anything in this life, not even our body! Everything is on loan, and everything is impermanent. Meaning that nothing lasts forever. Look at everything you have in your life, and realise that at one time you did not have it. Also, become aware that everything you now have is also temporary and to become attached to it will only create suffering.handle change

There was a monk sitting gazing at some flowers enjoying their exquisite beauty and scent. An arrogant monk was passing and looked down on the monk who was sitting in silence with a broad smile on his face. The arrogant monk shook his head “You are foolish to give so much attention to these flowers. In a week they will have all withered and died. This is the impermanence the head monk is teaching us. You should listen next time!”

A young monk who had heard the one-way conversation, waited for the arrogant monk to leave and then approached the monk who was enjoying the flowers. “Is this true? Should I not enjoy the beauty of nature?” Inquired the young monk.

“Of course not,” said the monk, “that monk has lost something precious to him in the past, and now he is afraid to enjoy anything in case he becomes attached. We should enjoy everything that truly serves us in this life and at the same time, not be attached to anything. It is that attachment to the impermanence which causes the suffering, and once you let go of that, then you are free to enjoy life.”

The greatest certainty we have in this life is that everything will change, and we have a choice. We can either fear and resist the change, or we can completely embrace it and trust that it is all for our higher good. Everything is for our higher good! Assimilate that belief into your body now and you have mastered your life.

Just as sure as there are seasons in our weather. Our life also has seasons and sometimes it will be summer and we will party, and then winter comes and for whatever reason (I believe it is a lack of awareness) people freak out.

Yes, things have changed for a great many people and what we must do is change our experience of winter. We seem to have gotten it right with the seasons of the year. When winter comes we dress up warm, have cosy nights in front of a log fire, build snowmen and have snowball fights.

What about when there is an economic winter? Well no different really. We can still dress up warm, have cosy nights in front of a log fire, build snowmen and have snowball fights.handle change

The best things in life are free. How cliche and yet how true. Take a few minutes now to write down a list of things that you enjoy doing that are completely free. Make a big list and realize how much abundance you have in your life. Do it now!

As I look around, I can see some people I know who’s businesses are booming. So much so that they have no time for anything else and their health is suffering as a result. There are other people I know who have become bankrupt or lost their jobs and now they have more quality time with their family or some are working hard on their gardens. Growing the food that they eat, and getting much satisfaction out of that. At the same time, enjoying the health benefits of gardening and eating fresh organic vegetables.

There are also a few who have achieved real harmony and abundance in all areas of life. They have a mission in life and are making steady progress towards it. They are healthy and vital, their relationships are harmonious. Emotionally they are happy and joyful. And their security in life is their spiritual connection to the divine.

The knowing that no matter what happens in this life well in the words old Bob Marley “Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be all right.”

If you find yourself in a less than favourable situation, simply realize that this too shall pass. And even while it is here, we can ask a few empowering questions such as “What else could this mean? Or How does this situation serve me? Or What can I learn from this? Answers will come. Intelligent perseverance will overcome any obstacle in life. And remember, it’s who you become on the journey that counts!

Be well, be wild and enjoy the ride!

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