what does vegans eat
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Mother Nature loves you with plant protein

Food is a big part of everyday life.I can already notice the big improvements by going from vegetarian to vegan, even it has been only 12 days .I feel so clean and light, my eyes have incredible sparkle,  just feel amazing overall. 

But tonight I would like to talk about the protein myth.

People are obsessed with protein  “How do you get your protein?”It is an absolute myth that you need animal based protein.It all boils down to the nutrients, that you absorb, not the one you consume. Consider that the most powerful animals on the planet: the bull, elephant, giraffe, rhino, hippo, etc., are all vegans. what does vegans eat

Here is a list  of foods and the amount of protein they contain.

  • Watercress 54 %
  • Chlorella: 57%
  • Mushrooms 26%
  •  Spinach 30%
  • Sprouts 35+%
  • Kidney Beans 35%,
  • Navy Beans 37%
  • Soybeans 35%
  • Wheat Germ 26%
  •  Rye 18%,
  • Oatmeal 17%
  •  Peanuts 18%
  • Pumpkin Seeds 18%,
  • Sunflower Seeds 16%,
  • Peaches 9%,
  •  Oranges 8%
  • Quinoa beans 9%

what does vegans eat

Mother nature actually have satisfied our needs for survival . Also consider how easy would be for your digestive system to absorb those proteins and never experience bloating, feel sluggish or tired .

No one’s opinion matter more than yours.Listen to your body and go with it.

Lots of Love, 



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