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If I had to be a mother all over again what would I do differently

Today I was one lucky woman. I had the blessing to look after a little baby girl, who was a real angel. I really enjoyed her company and am looking forward to  see  her again. I feel like my whole world has changed since I have become vegan.Everything seems much more alive, clear and beautiful. Its incredible how true it is the saying, that “when you change, everything changes”.

Being with that little girl today made me realize how important is what you teach your children in the first few years of their life. Modern parenting can be hard sometimes when a change is happening. I feel, that changing my lifestyle is one of the best things that I have ever done, apart from being a mother. To be a mother is a gift. I am just so happy and blessed to have the chance to have those amazing kids and live with them. Today , after they came home from school , they were so caring and played with Emily in a very protective and loving manner. I loved watching them . It is the nicest feeling to see your own kids being so kind in the presence of a baby-this pure bundle of Love.

It really matter. It made me realize, that if I had to be a mother all over again I would bring my kind without ever letting them taste any meat.They have come a very long way as they have been given everything , that I used to eat.I really wished sometimes I was wiser in some ways earlier, but as they say you learn sometimes best from your mistakes.Here there are with Emily today.

Un-teaching them about the vegan lifestyle and diet can only be done by example. Its great to see them eating new things and understanding how important is what you eat. They now have the awareness that animals do suffer . When I have thought them to eat it  in the past I did it with love. I only meant the best for them, as that was what I was doing. But if I had to do it all over again ,knowing what I know now there is no way they would ever be given any meat. This is our little friend munching some celery.
Over all I had a brilliant day and I am so looking forward to my bed. Looking after 4 children today was great, but I really sleepy now.Sending Blessings and Love

Sending Blessings and Love ♥



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