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Kids Bedroom Ideas – Place Where Dreams can Come True

Kids Bedroom Ideas – Place Where Dreams can Come True

When our children are young, they have a wild imagination. Before they grow up and lose their creative ideas, let them have the room of their dreams. 


You want to construct a space that’s not only fun to be in, but also comfortable and functional so your child can get proper sleep. Make sure there’s the correct lighting, temperature, and buy the best mattress for kids for them to use. 


Once you get the fundamentals down, you can start working with your child on creating their space. Struggling with ideas? We’ve got some your kids will love. 


Mapquest Around the World 

If your little one loves history or has a fascination with traveling, you should construct a space to inspire them more. You can decorate with maps all around the room. 


Buy globes, a bed cover with map designs, magnifying glasses, and compasses to fill the room with items that promote adventure. Fill their bookshelves with National Geographic, old history textbooks, and fiction stories about exciting journeys. 


You can then use the room as a learning experience. Your child will be familiar with where places are located in the world and can explore anytime they want. 

Zoo Animal Adventure 

When your child loves all types of animals, why not bring the zoo home? Your kid will love sleeping with their favorite creatures at night. 


There are animal print wallpapers you can buy, to give the whole room the theme. Decorate with a variety of stuffed creatures that your child can use to play with. Make sure to add books about animals that they can read and learn from. 


When you go to the zoo, your kid can tell you all the information they know about the wildlife they’re viewing. It will be great seeing your child excited and might lead them into wanting to be an animal rescuer or veterinarian when they grow up. 


Monet’s Garden 

When your child finds interest in art, you should inspire them to explore their talent more. You can transform their space into Monet’s famous garden. Paint the walls green, and add framed posters of his lily pads, bridges, and more of his masterpieces. 


Set up an easel and paint for them to create whenever they want. Have books of other painters on their shelves, so your little artist can learn more and try different styles. 


When their creations are complete, frame them like they’re in a museum. These will be great memories for you to have when they’re older, and your child will feel proud of their work. 

If your kid loves the beach, it should be summer all year long in their bedroom. Creating a space with the feeling of waves crashing, and the warmth of the sun will make your beach-loving child happy. 


Paint the room teal, like the ocean, and have a sandalwood floor. As decorations, hang surfboards, framed pictures of water sports athletes, and beautiful sunsets. You can make a little tiki desk, with a straw overhang, for when they do their homework. 


Add small palm tree plants and pictures of your family on vacation. You can put books about water pollution and prevention, turtle conservation, and fiction stories about surfers on their shelves. 

Beauty Counter

When your little one is a diva who loves fashion, makeup, dressing up, and putting on runway shows, you can create a beauty counter room. Set up a vanity with all the supplies they need. Have a rack of dress-up clothing with fun shoes and accessories. 


Create a red carpet runway for them in the middle of their room. Add a few large full-length mirrors at the end. Your child will feel like a model, and it will be fun when their friends come over. 


Add a desk with paper and supplies to design their own clothing. Depending on their age, you can get them a small sewing machine and let their creativity come to life. 


Movie Theatre 

Every child loves watching movies on a rainy afternoon with a bowl of popcorn. Going to the theatre every weekend can start to add up; however, if your child is a real viewing buff, you can create a cinema at home. 


Decorate with posters of their favorite movies. Set it up like the hallways in the theatres. There are small projectors you can purchase so that the film will be displayed with a widescreen view. The perfect finishing touch is buying a popcorn machine. 


Suppose your child likes to create their own movies, set up a little studio for them. You can get different backgrounds, costumes, and books about creating films. Many computers, tablets, and other devices have a built-in video camera they can use to film. 


When they’re complete, have a premier night for their short movie. It’s a family event and will be fun for you to see their passion. 

The Bottom Line

Your child’s room should be an expression of who they are and what they are inspired by. Focus on their hobbies and create a space with that in mind. Their passions as a young one influence the career paths they take as adults. 


Some fun ideas for kids’ bedrooms are mapquest, zoo animals, Monet’s garden, surf shop, the beauty counter, and movie theatre. These are just a few ideas, but the options are endless. 


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