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Importance of Wholefoods Supplementation

My favourite part about working online is the people that I get to connect with. Today I want to introduce you to Jennifer Lynn, who specialises in Hormone and Gut Health Nutrition. She is passionate about the healing power of plants. Here is a brilliant article that is written by her about how to choose supplements.

A supplement is never a replacement for eating healthy food. But without extra support from a well-designed supplement, very few people in modern society – even if they adopt a healthy lifestyle – will get the OPTIMUM intake of all the proven health defensive nutrients on a continuous DAILY basis. Even the fresh foods we buy can be lower in nutritional value than they were as little as 40 years ago. Intensive and single-crop (mono-crop) farming have depleted mineral levels in the soil and lengthy long-distance supply chains have made the problem worse. 

           Modern life has increased the need for extra Micronutrient intake. For city dwellers exposure to pollution is inevitable. Pollutants like nitric oxide and Sulphur dioxide are free radicals which are known to damage DNA and body tissue. Hence the thousands of premature deaths that are directly linked to pollution. Additionally, pollution cuts sunlight which reduces vitamin D production in the skin. Eating on the run or while travelling makes consistent ideal food choices difficult. The contraceptive pill decreases blood levels of zinc, magnesium and folic acid. Use of statins lowers levels of vitamin D and CoQ10 in the body. Alcohol consumption reduces levels of folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, zinc, and selenium. Antibiotics deplete healthy bacteria in the gut, which in turn depletes levels of B vitamins and inhibits the production of vitamin K. Prolonged stress – whether in the workplace, commuting or just coping with the pace of life – puts additional demands on our nutritional status. In particular, stress depletes Omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin C and magnesium which is vital for normal heart regulation.

           So, yes people did evolve and live without supplements, but the nutritional demands on us have now changed and increased. I eat healthily – so what supplement would make a difference?
On the basis of everything I just wrote, the answer is:

☆ A supplement containing nutrients that are shown to help prevent, reduce or slow:

1. Damage to DNA

2. The inflammation that develops in body tissues

3. The gradual decline in immune function

4. The mistakes that are made in the new cells you make each day

5. The ‘glycation’ or ‘sugar coating’ of cells.

That supplement should also contain nutrients that can help ‘turn on’ protective genes, and ‘turn off’ damaging genes like oncogenes.

☆The ideal COMBINATION of nutrients in a supplement is if it comes just as in nature, whole!!!

☆Harvesting time for fruits and vegetables is important!!!

☆Timing is everything—even when it comes to biting into a piece of fruit. Science shows that the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fat, and even calories in nature’s candy can vary significantly depending on its ripeness.

☆A little science lesson: When the fruit ripens, its starch is converted into sugar, making it softer and sweeter. Often there’s a loss of acidity and a change in colour as well. In evolutionary terms, this makes the fruit more appealing texturally, taste-wise, and visually, which means it’s more likely to be eaten by animals and have its seeds dispersed.

☆These differences aren’t just aesthetic, though; there’s also a shift nutritionally. The ripening process is a somewhat oxidatively stressful situation for plants, so they develop antioxidants to defend themselves against that stress. Great for that cherry or mango to survive, and even better for your body when you eat it. Some plants also see an increase or decrease in vitamin and mineral levels, though this varies from fruit to fruit. 

       And this my friends is why I opt for whole food supplementation for me, my family and my clients. There is nothing more healing and beneficial to the body than FOOD!

When I work with clients, I help them to understand the importance of the role that nutrition has on their body and their health not only in the short term but in the long term. If you are interested in trying these vegan plant-based supplements to aid in your daily regimen and get them free for your kids message me! I would love to chat Or visit my  link here

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