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4 Oral Hygiene Practices that your dentist wants you to know

You have heard it many times from your dentist, that keeping your mouth and teeth clean is the easiest way to prevent dental problems. There are many reasons to keep your teeth healthy. Oral hygiene takes a few minutes of your day, but it is a wonderful practice in between dental appointments and professional cleaning.

A beautiful white smile doesn’t happen overnight so here are 4 oral hygiene practices that your dentist wants you to know. 

1.Brush your teeth daily. As simple as it sounds, cleaning your teeth regularly can protect you from a list of problems including dental problems, bad breath, cavities, gum disease, stains or sensitivity. You can use a timer to ensure an adequate cleaning or listen to a song while brushing your teeth. Encourage everyone in the family to do the same. Buy a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner attached for a better result. Take the time to brush the inner, outer and the biting part of your teeth. There are countless products to choose from, from tooth paste to mouth washes so you are bound to find one that you like to use, but it is also beneficial for your oral health.

2. Limit sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol. In general, beverages that contain added sugar and food dye can make white teeth appear discoloured and dull. These beverages also contain phosphorous, which is a vital mineral for a healthy mouth, but too much of it can deplete the healthy levels of calcium. Eating fresh vegetables and drinking freshly squeezed juices and water will not only help you with your oral hygiene, but it will bring benefits to overall health. 

3. Eat smart. Eating a balanced whole foods diet is essential at every stage of your life. Keeping an adequate consumption of whole grains, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables will provide the nutrients, that you need. Some of the most important nutrients for a healthy teeth and gums are calcium, selenium,iron, phosphorous, Vitamin D and B Vitamins. Some research suggest that Omega 3 Oils also play an important role in reducing inflammation, therefore will play a protective role in preventing gum disease. 

4. See your dentist regularly. The recommendation is to visit your dentist twice a year, keep in mind that by doing that preventively it will help avoiding complications with many dental problems. Take the time to find a dentist, that you trust and feel you can talk to about any concerns you may have.

Combining your own efforts for oral hygiene with a good dentist will keep any dental problems at bay. It will also give you a beautiful smile and will improve your overall health. A beautiful smile and fresh breath are important to everyone and following some simple oral hygiene practices can help you achieve them.

Dr Charlie Turner is a highly trained, experienced general & cosmetic dental surgeon, based in Perth, Scotland.The practice offers a variety of treatments and a modern dental care. For more information visit his website here or simply call them on Tel: 01738 446999

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