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Moo Free Chocolate for Easter Review

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I am a massive chocoholic and I can’t imagine life without it. I am always very happy to review a vegan chocolate and share it with you.

Personally I want everyone to eat a dairy free chocolate egg for Easter and Moo Free is a great option. 


All their products are dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, lactose free and vegan. Including that, every single ingredient is organically certified. 

I am delighted to introduce you to this amazing brand of delicious chocolate treats. The words “moo free” are music to my vegan years. 😉 I am a breastfeeding mama at the moment (our youngest son is only 3 months old) and I want everybody to eat Moo Free Chocolates. 

Moo Free Chocolates have been producing delightful dairy free chocolates since 2010 as a perfect alternative to most chocolate products on the market that contain dairy milk. Their ever growing range contains some popular flavours and sizes, also including buttons and truffles. 

The chocolate is full of flavour, it snaps really well and it also has a creamy texture. I am writing this sentence while a square of the mint chocolate is melting in my mouth. 


Too good to share #dairyfree ???? chocolate. Rich, sweet and creamy. Thank you,

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The original chocolate bar represented by Hammy Hamster is delicious. It is sweet, yet creamy and somehow it leaves a nice and cool feeling in your mouth. It snaps perfectly well and its perfect eaten with a few salty pretzels.

The mint is so refreshing, yet sweet and you are left with this incredible lightness that only dairy free products have.

The honey comb is lush and rich in flavour with caramel hints and rich crisp chocolate.

The orange is probably one of my favourite chocolates. Before I went vegan I have tried and binged on every kind of orange chocolate there is. Now my new favourite is this Cheeky Orange.   

My boys also love it. There is always a bit of negotiation going on once I receive a chocolate product to review and how to be shared between us. A friend of ours was visiting and he mentioned that recently, every time he has even the smallest bit of dairy his wrists get covered with a small rash. I suggested that it could be the dairy. So he had some of the Moo Free chocolate and as well loving the taste his body took it perfectly well, no reaction whatsoever. 


I know that most of my friends will love the Moo Free chocolates, whether it is Easter or not. Currently you can buy most of the range at Sainsbury’s and for the latest news and give-away follow Moo Free chocolate and Hammy Hamster on Facebook.



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