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Menopause and You: How To Get Relief and Make It Through

Menopause and You: How To Get Relief and Make It Through
By Andrea Frazer for SimpleRx Prescription Discount Card
Menopause doesn’t have to be the worst thing to ever happen to us. With the right perspective, women can use this time to make good decisions for themselves and be healthier than ever before. As we move from caretaking for others, and giving care to ourselves, here are a few choices we can make to ease us into a beautiful new phase of life.
If you are experiencing intense physical or mental discomfort (and the chances are decent that you are if you’re reading this) then research all your medical options. Don’t just talk to your doctor. Become the menopause detective. Talk to friends, hunt on the Internet, go to the library, and shout out your needs on Facebook. Do whatever necessary to find the right options for you. You might even consider talking to a natural health practitioner about herbal remedies.
We can’t change our bodies, but we can change how we react to menopause. If you’ve never been one to go to a weekly comedy club, why not start now? Read some funny books. Hang out with fun people. The more you laugh, the more stress will disappear. And while a good chuckle won’t eradicate hot flashes, it sure will cool down your cortisol levels, making the flashes easier to deal with.


Food and Fitness – Make some changes
Avoid spicy caffeine, spicy food and excess alcohol. Double up on water and consider seeing a nutritionist. If you are not into exercise, this is a great time to start. How about yoga or tai chi? If menopause doesn’t teach you to be flexible, what will?
Breathe Deeply and Consider Meditation
Irritability and stress doesn’t stand a chance next to meditation. Just a few moments a day of focused breathing can have massively profound effects on your peace of mind. Studies have shown it can rewire the brain, which, for many people feeling crazy from menopause, is a breath of fresh air.
See a Therapist
Our irritation isn’t just hormonal. The truth is, we’ve spent so much of our lives taking care of other people. Now it’s time to care for ourselves. Relationships often shift dramatically during the period our periods leave. Rather than make impulsive changes, this is a great time to talk to a therapist about deep seated fears, dreams and goals that are impacted by menopause.
Hormones and the Libido
What? You don’t want to have a hot flash and sex at the same time? Often you don’t have to. A deficiency in estrogen or progesterone is often the culprit for vaginal dryness, making sex less pleasurable and even painful. Testosterone levels also fall during the menopausal transition (we’re not talking about a man’s testosterone – we’re talking about yours) decreasing a woman’s sex drive and general sense of self.
If you’ve never had a good enough reason to give it up, now is the time. Not only will it make post-menopausal women wrinkle much faster than non-smokers, it can dramatically age you on the inside. For internal and external vibrancy, supplement with the omega 3 fats contained in salmon, avocado and flax seed oil. Supplements like cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, primrose oil. Vitamins E and C are also amazing skin brighteners. Don’t forget to drink water!

drink water

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